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The digital solution for omnichannel commerce

The interplay between online/offline commerce continues to quickly become more important. Shopware is the ideal platform for your omnichannel strategy, creating a seamless connection across all sales and communication channels in order to create optimal shopping experiences for customers.

Omnichannel Shopware
How to be successful in omnichannel commerce

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Omnichannel Items
Omnichannel Items
Omnichannel commerce – the ultimate discipline of retail

For years, stationary retail has increasingly shifted online. However, it is not only online retail that holds great potential for business owners; it's the combination of online/offline and the interplay of the channels themselves. Keyword: Omnichannel commerce.

What does omnichannel mean?

A large number of retailers use a variety of channels to reach new and existing customers. However, these are often operated separately. As a result, customers are lost when they switch channels, or they are left with an unsatisfactory buying experience.

"Omnichannel" means that all channels are linked with each other and interact seamlessly — all ("omni") existing channels operate together. They share the same customer information and leave it open to customers which channels they want to use to make a purchase.

How does the change in customer experience affect retailers?

With the most current market developments and changes in online/offline retail, the buying behaviour and expectations of consumers have also changed. Customers today have diverse shopping preferences regarding ordering and delivery methods, payment options, and communication channels. To meet these requirements and be successful in the long-term, retailers must adapt to the needs of their customers.

Omnichannel Shopware

What is the ideal omnichannel commerce software?

With Shopware 6 and its connected ecosystem, retailers can effortlessly link the most suitable sales and communication channels from one ecommerce solution. This allows retailers to increase their reach, optimise the customer experience, and scale their business according to their requirements.

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Full flexibility thanks to modular extendibility

Thanks to Shopware's API-first approach and its expansive ecosystem, the essential prerequisites for maximum flexibility and a cross-channel / cross-device shopping experiences are already in place. Retailers will find a variety of useful apps in the Shopware Store that guarantee omnichannel success.

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Central administration of all sales channels

By controlling all sales channels centrally with just one solution, retailers can sell where their customers are – whether at the POS, in the online store or via social media platforms – all products can be easily displayed in every sales channel.



To ensure that retailers have no limits and fewer hurdles when it comes to internationalising their business and sales channels, the focus of Shopware 6 has been placed on the international application possibilities of the software.

Store Locator

Store locator

With the help of the store locator and the link to Google Maps, the most important information such as address, opening hours and route guidance can be viewed directly and easily. This makes the way to the nearest high street store just a few clicks away.

Availability request

Availability request

During the decision making process, the availability request provides an overview of which stores still have the desired product. And it can accelerate a possible purchase intention if only a few are left. As a result, both online and offline business are strengthened.

Click and collect

Click & collect

Filling up your shopping basket from the comfort of your own home and picking up the order in the local store - that's Click & Collect. It's the ideal combination of online and offline retail. Customers can save on shipping costs, they can can easily return unwanted goods, and continue shopping directly at the store.

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Your benefits with Shopware

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High integration capability

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Central control of all sales channels

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Unrestricted freedom thanks to API-first approach

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Customised settings

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Global ecosystem with 1,200+ partners and over 100,000 customers

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Open source solution

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