Shopware Consulting Services

Expert advice and tailored solutions for your ecommerce success

Shopware Consulting Services provides expert guidance to optimize your online business. Our highly skilled consultants offer tailored solutions, from strategy and business development to technical consulting, helping you achieve your ecommerce objectives.
Shopware Consulting Services

Benefit from Shopware's business and technical expertise

At Shopware, we understand that meeting your specific needs and challenges requires a comprehensive approach. That's why we offer both business and technical expertise to support you every step of the way. Business consulting optimizes your online business for a seamless experience, while technical consulting addresses the technical challenges of Shopware implementation.

Combining these two services can be highly beneficial in navigating complexities with expert guidance and allows you to achieve a successful integration. Our consultants work together to provide comprehensive support tailored to your specific requirements, helping you realize your online business's full potential with Shopware.

With Shopware's support, we can articulate our project much more clearly and identify the gaps we need to fill before the project starts, thus we anticipate significantly fewer surprises during the project's progression.

Fabian Haustein

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at UNGER Hamburg

Our Consulting Services

Business consulting services

Improve your online business with our business consulting services for rapid ROI and minimal TCO. We help clarify system architecture, identify growth, and understand your needs. Through personalized onboarding and trusted partners, we simplify setup and integration.

Business discovery session

Our PreProject Workshop helps uncover scope, bridge gaps, and lays a foundation for success. It empowers you to confidently engage integration partners or craft the ideal RFP.

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Shopware feature training

Leverage Shopware's full functionality with our personalized consulting, providing comprehensive introductions and efficient usage guidance for each feature.

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TeamFlow solutions

From in-depth project team reviews to strategic staffing recommendations, the TeamFlow solution provides the perfect methodology to enhance your projects and increase efficiency.

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Customer experience check

Optimize key Shopware shop pages with our customer experience check. We resolve errors and bottlenecks, enhancing shopping experiences and maximizing conversions.

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Agency selection support

Agency selection support assists you in developing a well-drafted request for proposal (RFP) for agency selection, complemented by Battlecards to simplify your decision-making process.

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SEO performance audit

Improve your website's SEO with our detailed evaluation of on-page SEO, keyword rankings, and local SEO. Get actionable recommendations to boost visibility and organic traffic.

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Automation assessment

Optimize automation implementation with our consulting service. We evaluate and optimize the usage of Shopware's Flow Builder and Rule Builder for efficient automation.

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Development workflow optimization

Workflow optimization is a service that assists you and your partners in streamlining your project management workflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Innovative sparks

Elevate your business to new heights with bespoke consulting projects that ignite your ideas and fuel your path to scalable success.

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Our consulting services

Technical consulting services

Our technical consultants handle your setup challenges, address integration issues, and ensure smooth updates. We save you time and costs while providing effective solutions for both short-term issues and ongoing guidance, ensuring successful Shopware implementation.

Feature code review

Improve code quality with our thorough Shopware standard review. We focus on features, detail issues, suggest improvements, and enhance functionality & reliability.

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Server-side load testing

Strengthen your ecommerce store server-side with our load testing, focusing on PHP, database, and store logic. Ensure performance and stability via rigorous testing and trace analysis.

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Developer enablement training

Empower your developers with interactive workshops on Shopware development, including app development and best practices. Enhance their skills and deepen their understanding.

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Project architecture advisory

Discover tailor-made project architecture solutions for your Shopware store as our experts and ecosystem partners provide recommendations for your online business.

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Seamless migration mastery

Streamline your Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 upgrade or Composable Frontend integration with our Migration Mastery service, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your ecommerce operations.

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Continuous code review

Ensure code quality with our ongoing service. Led by senior Shopware developers, we offer best practices, performance optimization, early issue detection, and promote quality culture.

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Server-side performance analysis

Maximize your ecommerce performance with our comprehensive analysis. We optimize PHP, database, and shop logic using tools like Blackfire, Tideways, & New Relic.

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Headless architecture readiness

Assess your platform's readiness for headless transformation with our architecture audit. Gain actionable insights for a decoupled frontend and backend benefit.

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After two days of workshops, our developers had nothing but positive feedback, and it was absolutely worth it for us to book customized trainings directly with Shopware.

André Bergermann

Head of Technology at Delica Germany

Our consulting services

Combined business and technical consulting services

Direct access to consultant support

Boost your implementation with direct access to experts via Slack or Teams. Get swift answers to technical and feature queries, minimizing delays and enhancing efficiency.

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Readiness check

The "Readiness Check" analyzes your shop's current state and planned growth, including ecosystem and TCO analysis and a technical health check for optimization areas.

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Technology selection support

Our consulting services help you develop a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) for technology selection and provide informative battle cards for effective decision-making.

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Advanced solution specialists

From deep-dive inquiries to intricate development tasks, our experts offer unparalleled guidiance to excel in the vibrant world of Shopware. 

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Shopware Consulting Services

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