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Define your own rules, remain flexible, and adapt to changing market conditions fast. The Rule Builder is your central control unit to streamline and optimise your customer-oriented business operations at the highest level. No code needed!

Even complex scenarios can be realised with zero programming effort. From content management and marketing strategies, to shipping procedures and payment options – with just a few clicks you can actively shape and personalise your customers' journey in and around your ecommerce business.

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Set your own rules

Digital commerce is constantly evolving, and so are your business needs. Maybe you’re extending your product range, maybe you’re conquering new markets, or maybe you want to engage your B2B or B2C customers more effectively. No matter how ambitious your business goals, you need a flexible ecommerce solution by your side that allows you to skillfully scale your business.

As a built-in Shopware feature, the Rule Builder facilitates an effortless set up of highly individual business operations. By defining your own rules based on conditions, you can plan strategic actions and automate everyday workflows, focusing your time and attention on your most valuable resources.

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How does the Rule Builder work?

Shape your ecommerce software to suit your business, not the other way around. The Rule Builder allows for utmost flexibility and works for all business models, whether B2C, B2B or D2C.

Simplify and automate time-consuming workflows without touching a single line of code. At present you’ll find over 50 conditions in your settings to create individual rules. They consist of at least one condition, but can also contain several conditions and sub-conditions. By linking these with each other, you'll automate even the most intricate business operations.

Apply the Rule Builder to customise various modules in your Shopware admin, including:



Offer different delivery options and automatically calculate shipping costs by managing conditions such as country, region, postcode, package weight, customer status, and many more. This allows you to optimise the customer journey from the very first contact all the way through to smooth and fast deliveries.



Whether invoice, credit card, installment plan or choice of payment system such as PayPal – choose under which conditions different payment options are available to your customers and eliminate any risk of missed or delayed payments.



Display different prices on your product pages based on location, currency, customer status and order quantity. Offer separate price catalogues for your B2C and B2B clients. You can even set different prices for specific days and times, such as weekend-only prices.



Use CMS rules to define who can and cannot see specific pages and content blocks in the storefront. For example, if you wish to launch regional campaigns or create private shopping pages for business clients. Configure the rules for access intuitively and without any programming effort. Available in Shopware Evolve and Shopware Beyond.



Prepare and plan marketing promotions based on the Rule Builder’s conditions and sub-conditions such as date, customer status, customer tag, sales channel, shopping cart value, stock level, and many more.


The Flow Builder

Combine the Rule Builder’s conditions with the Flow Builder to gain maximum flexibility and advanced configuration options when automating your business operations. Please visit the Flow Builder page for further details.

With the switch to Shopware 6, we have placed ourselves in an ideal position for digital transformation and strengthened our digital competence. The flexible system architecture will enable us to react to the changing demands of the market and to drive our growth forward.

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What are the technical requirements for the Rule Builder?

We make ecommerce effortless! Whether cloud or self-hosted, the Rule Builder is a standard feature in all Shopware plans. But of course, we’re not stopping there! Shopware offers you highly flexible ecommerce solutions, built by our open source community and designed for the fast-paced world of digital commerce. For you, this means the sky’s the limit, really!

We’re continuously extending the Rule Builder’s functionalities according to the latest market requirements. But if you have any further demands, you’ll find expert developers in the Shopware community to evolve your ecommerce site according to your wishes. For further information, please see the Shopware docs for developers.

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