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Shopware is an open source eCommerce platform that is built around the ideas and spirit of it's community - and you can take part in shaping the story of the product. In helping craft the future, you as a developer will grow as well.

Whether you're writing plugins, proposing code changes via pull requests, or exchanging ideas in Gitter or the Shopware Forum - you are a vital part of the source of inspiration we are proud to call the Shopware Community.


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Portrait: Moritz Naczenski

Next to the resources in the Community Center, you can exchange ideas with Moritz or dive into topics surrounding Shopware and eCommerce in the Forum.

Moritz Naczenski Community Manager
Portrait: Niklas Dzösch

A self-proclaimed “nerd with excellent social skills”, Niklas is eager to get your feedback and make something a little bit better for everybody. Meet Niklas here or at a number of technical conferences across Europe!

Niklas Dzösch Developer Advocate