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Are you new to the Shopware community and want to get up and running with Shopware 6? We're here to make that as easy as possible for you. Here you can find resources for every area of development:

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Our documentation accompanies you through the process of developing with Shopware 6. Easily get started now!

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Development template Clone development template

git clone development

Shopware Platform Clone platform

git clone

Docker Start Docker

./psh.phar docker:start./psh.phar docker:ssh./psh.phar install


Developed following the API-first approach, Shopware 6 is based on a completely new technological foundation that uses Symfony as the standard framework and Vue.js for the administration. Bootstrap 4 is used in combination with the template engine Twig for the new storefront, making it even easier to work with Shopware while reducing dependency on specialised knowledge.

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Whether you want to become a Shopware expert, write your first app, or simply get a first impression of the software - with our online developer training courses, you can acquire Shopware knowledge free of charge, whenever and wherever you want. At the same time the courses prepare you perfectly for our online certification.

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Explore the core of Shopware 6 and learn all about the latest approaches and technical developments.

Understanding Shopware 6
Shopware for Magento developers
The Shopware 6 app system
Introducing Store API
Shopware 6 app development
Shopware PWA for developers
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