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Online trainings

Study when and where you want with our free online training programme. You can learn more about Shopware from the comfort of home or on the go and can get yourself up to speed for our paid online certification.

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Template Training

Learn from the Shopware design professionals how to use the technology of Shopware 6 to create create and modify your own individual templates. After successfully completing a short exam at the end of the training, you will become a certified “Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer” – a valuable distinction which you can use for marketing purposes.

Advanced Template Training

Learn from experienced developers how to professionalise one of the most important factors of an online shop – the template. After completing a short exam at the end of the course, you can become a "Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer" and use the certificate for marketing purposes.

Developer Training

In this intensive training, you will gain in-depth insight into the technology of the current version Shopware 6. Guided by Shopware developers, you will learn about the structure of the shop system and execute your own individual programming. Upon completion, you will become a “Shopware 6 Certified Developer” – a valuable distinction which you can use for marketing purposes.

Shopware 6 Kickoff

The Shopware 6 Kickoff gives you an understanding of how to set up Shopware 6. You will learn how to customise the template and you'll get an easy introduction into easy plugin development.


Template Training

This course teaches you how to make template customizations and work with the technology behind the system. The implementation of a separate sample template is as much a part of this training as the development of a simple plugin.

Advanced Template Training

This training teaches you how to apply Shopware's technologies to create your own theme configuration. You will also learn about Shopware jQuery plugins and their extension.

Developer Training

The training teaches you about the technology and structure of Shopware 5 – from setting up a development environment and working with the plugin structure to creating templates and using events. Throughout the course, you will also learn about dependency injection and how to create your own service.

Advanced Developer Training

This course covers working with Doctrine, backend development with ExtJS and the technology behind Shopware 5. You can also get tips for adapting Shopware as well as plugin development.

User Training

Our user training provides you with practical, first-hand experience with Shopware and its main features. You’ll gather a comprehensive overview of our trendsetting software and learn how to create a unique shopping experience for your online business.


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How do I register for the online certification?
You can easily sign up for the online certification by clicking "Book now" or you buy the certification directly in the store. You then enter your name or the name of the person you want to register for the certification and the corresponding email address. It's possible to register several participants at once for the certification. After you've registered, you will receive a booking confirmation followed by a link and your user identification/password to access the exam. The link remains valid until you start the exam. However, please note that the exam does not start when you click the link, but only when you click "Start test" on the homepage.
How does the exam work?
After registering, you will receive an email that contains a link to the exam and your access data. After you start the exam by clicking the button on the homepage, you have a set amount of time to answer all of the questions, which differs for each certificate. Similarly, the score required to pass and number of test questions differs depending on the exam:
  • Template Basic: 20 questions / 15 minute time limit / passing score: min. 75 % /
  • Template Advanced: 19 questions / 25 minute time limit / passing score: min. 68 %
  • Developer Basic: 20 questions / 20 minute time limit/ passing score: min. 75 %
  • Developer Advanced: 20 questions / 30 minute time limit/ passing score: min. 55 %
The remaining time is displayed as a status bar during the exam. If you hover your mouse over the bar, you will see the exact time in minutes and seconds. You will receive your results in an email immediately after the exam, provided you submitted your answers for review.

During the exam, you are free to change your answers at any time and can jump back and forth between the questions. At the end of the exam you have to confirm that you want to submit your answers. Only then will your exam be evaluated.

If you close the browser before you've completed the exam, you can still call up the link to the exam. You will then start at the point where you closed the exam. However, the timer will continue to run during this time.

If you pass the exam you can download your certificate in the account and your certification can be viewed directly in the partner listing overview and on your partner detail page.
How can I prepare for the exam?
You can find all of our training sessions online for free. We recommend that you complete the appropriate course prior to certification. This way you'll be perfectly prepared for the questions found in the exam. If you need further information, you can refer to our developer documentation at any time, where you can revisit everything that is covered in the online and on-site training sessions.
What happens if I fail the exam?
If you don't pass the exam, we recommend that you review our online trainings or attend an on-site training course, where you also have the chance to become certified. For the online certification, you can log in again at any time and have another go. However, you will have to pay the registration fee for every new registration.
How long is the link to the exam valid for?
The link is valid indefinitely until you start the exam. Please note that the exam does not start when you click on the link, but after you've clicked the button on the exam homepage. The timer starts once you've begun the certification exam. You can close the browser during the exam, but the timer will continue to run.
How long is the certificate valid for?
Every certificate is valid for 18 months.
What is the difference between an online certification and on-site training certification?
The certification is the same. But there is one main difference between the training programmes: During an on-site training, you learn the same content as in our online training sessions. However, on-site trainings contain "live coding" parts, in which you work together with other participants on programming tasks while the trainer is available to help. In the online training, you have to study independently. Queries can be made via our Developer Forum.