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Shopware AI Copilot

Intuitive Al features, zero integration hassle

Boost your ecommerce efficiency with Shopware AI Copilot! Seamlessly integrated into the Shopware administration, this virtual assistant transforms your workflow with the power of AI-driven automation. The most exciting part? The AI Copilot is already available for you – start today and experience the difference.

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cutting-edge features

Over 5

crucial business areas optimized

Up to 60%

reduction in manual workload

AI power for your online store

Unlock the unparalleled benefits of Shopware’s AI Copilot

Unprecedented time efficiency

Eager to stay ahead in the ever-competitive ecommerce landscape? Shopware's AI Copilot is designed to do just that, automating high-quality content creation, fine-tuning your workflow, and drastically reducing revision time. Now, you can devote more time to game-changing strategic moves.

Precision perfected through AI

Wave goodbye to manual errors and welcome unprecedented accuracy. The AI engine powering the Copilot impeccably refines the text and data quality, fortifying customer trust and adding a layer of credibility to your online venture.

Intelligent data management

No more drowning in excessive data. Our AI Export Assistant filters through the noise, delivering only essential and impactful information. The result? Faster loading times and quicker, data-backed decisions, free from distractions.

Boost your conversions

Leverage AI-curated product reviews and pinpoint customer segmentation to boost your conversion rates. Compelling review summaries and highly-targeted marketing actions simplify the customer's journey to the 'Buy now' button. 

Foster creativity; end repetition

Liberate your team from the doldrums of repetitive tasks. AI Copilot takes over mundane activities like keyword insertion and customer categorization, enabling your team to channel their energies into creative and strategic initiatives.

Enhance customer loyalty

Transform each customer journey into a memorable encounter. Through AI-generated, personalized checkout messages not only elevate customer satisfaction but also cement their loyalty, converting casual shoppers into dedicated clientele.

Shopware AI Copilot features
Innovation is our standard

Discover the ongoing evolution of our AI Copilot

The initial 12+ AI features are just the beginning of what's possible. Currently compatible with Shopware Rise, Evolve, and Beyond, the AI Copilot flawlessly integrates into your Shopware ecosystem, offering a multitude of avenues to streamline daily operations. What's more, our innovation pipeline is bustling with new features set to launch soon. Stay poised for what's next! 

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Supercharge your success

Unveil the power of the 12 Shopware AI Copilot features

Content for Shopping Experiences

Looking to create compelling text effortlessly? Activate AI Copilot in Shopware's Shopping Experiences with a simple keystroke. Benefit from AI-powered writing, editing, and translating to elevate your content while slashing time spent on revisions. A monumental shift in content creation!

AI Export Assistant

Unlock the capability to selectively export data into a CSV file with ease and assurance. Activate the Export Assistant under Export > Settings and tailor your data queries. Rest easy knowing your data remains uncompromised and ready for prompt analysis and decision-making. 

AI-based customer classification

Use AI intelligence to classify customers effortlessly. The system generates insightful tags like "Frequent buyers" based on order history, setting the stage for razor-sharp marketing campaigns that truly resonate.

Image keyword assistant

Revolutionize your workflow with our image keyword assistant. After activation, the AI scours uploaded images to append relevant metadata keywords. Save time on image searches and enjoy a bonus: these keywords double as SEO-boosting alt-tags. 

Product review summary

Amplify the impact of your product detail pages. Activate this feature in the admin panel and get a tailor-made, at-a-glance compilation of customer reviews. Highlight it prominently to streamline purchase decisions and turbocharge your sales metrics.

Custom checkout message

Post-purchase, delight your customers with AI-crafted personalized thank-you messages. Tailored to the shopping cart items and your unique settings, these messages not only satisfy but secure enduring customer loyalty. 

AI-generated product properties

Never manually list product properties again. AI Copilot autonomously generates an insightful list of product attributes based on existing descriptions. This improves user satisfaction with more accurate filters and makes it easier to create varied product options, all without repeating attributes.

AI-based translation for reviews

Let AI Copilot automate the translation of product reviews for you. International customers can now effortlessly browse through reviews, aligning their expectations more accurately and reducing the risk of returns. 

AI-generated product descriptions

Generate stellar product descriptions without external tools. Input key terms, hit "generate," and instantly obtain a top-tier, ready-to-publish description that accentuates your product's unique selling points.

Search by context

This feature is an addition to the storefront search. Shoppers can use everyday language to search for items, such as “I’m planning a trip to New York”. Depending on the sales channel and context, our AI-powered search function will suggest relevant products that lead to cross-selling results.

Search by image

Enhance your storefront search experience. Shoppers can now effortlessly begin product hunts by uploading images and receive personalized recommendations based on visual content. For instance, a shopper could screenshot a jacket they admired on social media and find a similar one from their favorite brand.

Text to Image

Text to Image effortlessly transforms written descriptions into captivating visuals, enriching the visual context and showcasing your products in their best light. This user-friendly solution emphases rapid content generation and simplicity in operation, streamlining the entire process of bringing campaigns and product promotions to market.


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