Shopware 6 Changelog

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6.0.0 (EA1) 17.07.2019 Early Access
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17.07.2019 - 11:00
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This update package is cumulative and includes various bug fixes and new features. It requires Shopware 6.0.0 or newer.

Please read the release notes for all releases between your version and the version you want to update to.


NEXT-1840 - Add log module to the administration where all sent e-mails can be viewed
NEXT-2055 - Advanced prices were refactored optically and technically
NEXT-2318 - Adding themes to the administration. Overview and detail page as well as the assignment of themes to a storefront.
NEXT-2362 - Add an image-slider element and blocks for the shopping experiences
NEXT-2364 - Add a product slider element and blocks for the shopping experiences
NEXT-2367 - Add an image element and block for the shopping experiences
NEXT-2621 - Add the theme:create command to create an example theme
NEXT-2720 - Add pre-defined variables to mail templates
NEXT-2828 - Allows switching between WYSIWYG or code edit mode
NEXT-2974 - Selecting categories in the product detail page is now using an category tree
NEXT-3326 - Table function for the text editor. Allows you to add tables and edit them with an extra toolbar. The column size can be edited via Drag&Drop
NEXT-3492 - The application configuration is now located in the core instead of the project template.
NEXT-3507 - Editing of prices in different currencies in the administration
NEXT-3510 - Plugin support for the storefront
NEXT-3528 - Add default thumbnail sizes 400x400, 800x800, 1920x1920 for folders "Category Media", "Cms Page Media" and "Product Media"
NEXT-3573 - Added global keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation between different views inside the administration Also enabled components to register their own keyboard shortcuts which are able to call methods inside of it
NEXT-3577 - Created helper which enables to provide a "MediaThumbnailCollection" to automatically create a"picture" element
NEXT-3582 - Added new method "PluginManager.override()"
NEXT-3585 - Moved plugin system from "src/script/helper/plugin/" to "src/script/plugin-system/"
NEXT-3588 - Product show inherited fields
NEXT-3678 - Reference prices are now calculated and displayed in the storefront.
NEXT-3679 - Bugfix when plugins are symlinked. (fixpunkt)
NEXT-3682 - Plugins can now register additional bundles and classmap paths. (fixpunkt)
NEXT-3706 - Added new CMS element for an image gallery.
NEXT-3735 - Added the First Run Wizard as an overlapping dialog which gets triggered after the installation process Furthermore added the installation of language plugins, setting up PayPal, installation recommended plugins and the licensing process
NEXT-3752 - Optimized the handling of the administration entity collection class.
NEXT-3763 - Added support for custom theme configuration.
NEXT-3770 - You can now configure scale units in the administration.
NEXT-3771 - Add basic prices to products
NEXT-3772 - Tag field at customers matches order tag field
NEXT-3786 - Refactoring of the power shortcut overview
NEXT-3792 - Add statistics to dashboard
NEXT-3793 - Add a DateField (without time)
NEXT-3798 - You can now select images for product variants which are shown on the product page of the storefront.
NEXT-3801 - Theme system - Compile SASS via PHP
NEXT-3805 - Fixed some minor bugs in the admin text editor.
NEXT-3812 - Empty State for units settings page
NEXT-3813 - Fixed setting a cover picture Added an additional condition which checks if the media sidebar is present before calling any method of it
NEXT-3832 - Added middleware support for worker notifications
NEXT-3839 - Emails are sent when recovering the user password.
NEXT-3851 - You can now select CMS pages for important shop pages like privacy information in the settings module.
NEXT-3859 - A scroll-to-top button was added to the storefront.
NEXT-3880 - The plugin manager now shows recommendations of interesting plugins.
NEXT-3883 - The dashboard of the administration now shows helpful information and statistics.
NEXT-3915 - Product price is required field
NEXT-3917 - Refactor the design of property assignments