Shoptoberfest 2024


Key facts:

Shopware Plan

Enterprise Edition


Best4Automation GmbH

The marketplace from Best4Automation combines the advantages of a modern online shop with the efficient logistics of larger manufacturers. The young start-up distributes industrial automation products from various manufacturers, which their massive base of B2B customers can bundle and order with just a few clicks. Regardless of the number of manufacturers selected for an order, the customer receives only a single invoice. Thanks to a strong cooperation between partners and manufacturers – not to mention direct connections with their respective warehouses – the products are delivered without any detours or delays. Customers can choose from a wide range of products that cover the breadth of the automation industry – optical sensors, safety technology, control systems and connectors. Other components include cable protection, fieldbus modules, terminal boxes, control cabinet sockets and switch mode power units.

Young start-up relies on Shopware

A newcomer to eCommerce, Best4Automation launches with an ambitious project based on the Shopware Enterprise Edition. When determining the right solution for their online marketplace, the decision was easy thanks to the full range of features provided by Shopware. "Shopware has the best marketplace framework, hands down. Not to mention their comprehensive service and support response times. The Shopping Worlds features gives us the opportunity to easily create impressive landing pages, product presentations or marketing campaigns without the help of an agency," says Janko Strauss, Managing Director of Best4Automation. For the young company, the goal of quickly building a system that could withstand a lifetime of more than four years was successfully realised with Shopware. "The shop system has to be able to grow with us and pave the way not only during development, but also in the future," continues Janko Strauss.

Multiple SAP and warehouse connections

The start-up sells around 74,000 products from 2,400 categories across Europe. This also includes many products that place particular demands on the shop software, since the products usually require explanation, are available in countless variations, and carry a great deal of additional information. The company chose to use Shopware’s marketplace solution as middleware to connect all suppliers centrally. Downstream, Shopware shops are available for every marketplace participant. These are used to implement a unique interface for each provider.

Successful project implementation with Shopware partner NETFORMIC

NETFORMIC summarises the healthy cooperation with the start-up as positive and explains the successful project implementation. "NETFORMIC has provided an MVP marketplace shop for Best4Automation in a very short time and more than 15 basic shops for several suppliers. The supplier shops – for the most part not visible to customers – are directly compared with various ERP systems. Enhanced by NETFORMIC with additional features to transfer all product information, the powerful and continually enhanced platform ensures regular synchronisation between supplier shops and the central Best4Automation marketplace (products in one direction, orders in the other direction). Best4Automation now has the opportunity to functionally expand the marketplace from the large selection of Shopware plugins," explains Dieter Rothacker, Head of Development at NETFORMIC.

Best4Automation draws a positive conclusion 

"Cooperation with NETFORMIC and Shopware went smoothly. With Shopware, we have found a shop system that is ready to grow with us and establish our young start-up in the world of eCommerce," concludes Janko Strauss. Further plans for the shop, which are due in the near future, are to connect additional suppliers and continue to expand the product range. In addition, strengthening search engine optimisation is on the agenda.