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20 years ago, the success story began with a stationary sale of office furniture to companies with two main pillars


  • Interior design


  • Online shop in the B2C and B2B fields
  • External sales via Idealo and Amazon
  • 90,000 active items in several hundred categories

Technical features

  • Images that are accurate in every detail and configuration options for the customer thanks to the integration of manufacturer OFML data
  • Detailed Experience World to help customers familiarise themselves with the products

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Implementation in 11 months

    Due to the cooperation with the Shopware partners Kellerkinder and tricoma solutions, the new online shop was configured and went live within 11 months.

  • Autonomous management instead of help from developers

    With the help of Shopware 6, the use of external developer assistance for creative and editorial adaptations can be considerably reduced. These resources can be used in a targeted way f...

  • More flexibility and ease of use

    The use of Shopware 6 enables the flexible creation of presentations as well as the attractive processing of information. “Our customer is therefore offered a much more comprehensive and appealing shopping ...

  • Update from Magento to Shopware 6

    The update from Magento to Shopware 6 has ensured that Shopping Experiences can be created for customers in a modern and creative design. The scope of features completely covers the requirements and enable...

Supplier of modern and individual designer and office furniture in Würzburg

The online shop is part of “Büroforum planen und einrichten GmbH” and represents another important step in the company’s history. The company has progressed from brick-and-mortar furniture sales to being an online provider of designer furniture, lights and accessories. Besides its online presence, the company also operates a store for living accessories in the centre of Würzburg. Moreover, customers at the company’s headquarters in Würzburg can be inspired by a display of office furniture with the latest innovations on the market.

With the support of the Shopware partners Kellerkinder and Tricoma Solutions, the existing online shop was revised and redesigned using Shopware 6. In this context, the system was moved over from Magento to Shopware 6.


In the online shop, visitors can discover a variety of appealing designer furniture.

Why was Shopware 6 selected?

The objective of the new ecommerce solution is the integration of versatile design options, so that Shopping Experiences can be designed as flexibly and innovatively as possible for customers. With the growing demands of customers and the challenges of digitalisation, the requirement was for a system that offers the necessary agility and flexibility, and which therefore covers the future requirements of digital shopping experiences.

Acquiring new customers and inspiring existing customers with innovative presentation

The modern layout of the online shop ensures increased sales. Customers can order the right furniture, lights and accessories for the office comfortably from home. There is the freedom to be able to act without having to rely on external developers; a milestone for the company. Marie-Christin Flöhl, Head of Content, Marketing & PR, Leitung Content) confirms: “Our expectations have been more than exceeded in matters of design options, without the need for support from developers.”

An increase in sales has already been recorded through the new presentation of manufacturers and products.

Save time and invest in new determining factors

The fact that all products are sold worldwide means that all data has to be available in three languages. When it comes to product units and the associated marketing too, time is a significant factor, and this has been optimised through the use of Shopware 6. The use of the system meant that there was no need for PIM, Magento, Typo 3 and WordPress, as these processes can be replicated with Shopware 6. The company therefore no longer has to focus on the seven sales channels but only on the three languages offered.


In the online shop, users can customise products such as office chairs according to their wishes.

Using in-house resources and reducing costs

With the use of Shopware 6, the company was able to eliminate the existing PIM which is not geared towards ecommerce. Some basic PIM features were and will be upgraded via individual developments using the API. Therefore, all processes could be brought together in Shopware 6, which enables a focus on existing resources. For with the removal of the PIM and other systems, “Büroforum planen und einrichten GmbH” is much less reliant upon the support of external developers.

Committed and goal-orientated cooperation with Shopware partners

For the move from Magento to Shopware 6 and the reconfiguration of the online shop, “Büroforum planen und einrichten GmbH” was supported by Kellerkinder and tricoma solutions over a period of 11 months. Dominic Schuberth summarises this positively: “Despite a few hurdles, we would choose Shopware and this cooperation again any day, as the positive aspects far outweigh anything else, and we are extremely satisfied with our new shop.”

What is on the bucket list for

In the context of the increasing requirements of customers, besides the combination of functionality and design, “Büroforum planen und einrichten GmbH” is also focused on the desire for individuality. Likewise, the process automation is to be extended and reinforced via interfaces.

In order to be able to offer the customer an exceptional digital shopping experience at any time, the use of Shopping Experiences with Shopware 6 will be further extended and integrated at additional places in the online shop.


A category page for special offers in the online shop.

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