Caseys Furniture

Shopware version


Founded in 1921


  • Furniture retail


  • B2C online store
  • 9,800 product variants
  • Caseys Furniture distributes products all over Ireland
  • The online store features a live product feed and a click and collection option
  • The company also has two large retail stores in Cork and Limerick where they offer POS as well as a click and collect service
  • Caseys Furniture uses Facebook and Instagram to promote their products
  • The company’s ERP system is connected to the website for all products and customer data. The data is transmitted to Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp and Google

Technical features

  • PIM, DAM, MAM, ERP and Fulfilment: Dynamics 365 Business
  • Personalisation options: Findologic and snap-widget
  • Newsletter marketing tool: Mailchimp
  • Monitoring tools: Google Analytics, GA4 and Hotjar
  • Hosting scenario: On the developer’s server, with multiple nodes to manage traffic spikes

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Migration from Magento to Shopware

    After ten years of using Magento 1, Caseys Furniture decided to upgrade to another shop solution. Impressed with the system, and with an objective to grow their online business, they welcomed the opportun...

  • Innovative technology

    Shopware 6 offers cutting-edge technologies and features that enhance Caseys Furniture ecommerce business. These features include the Sales Channels, Shopping Experiences, and Dynamic Product Groups.

  • Increase in conversions and sales

    With Shopware 6, Caseys Furniture’s conversion rate increased by 200 %. Their revenue went up by over 60 % in the first year as well.

  • Increase in visibility

    Thanks to Shopware 6, the company’s website also experienced an increase of visibility. Aside from the growth in order figures, they gained 16.38% new customers.

  • Reliable and competent partner agencies

    Caseys Furniture praised their Shopware Partner, StudioForty9 , for being the driving force during the implementation of Shopware 6. Together with Shopware, the agency supported the company with ever...

  • Implementation time: Five months

    Caseys Furniture and their Shopware partner StudioForty9 worked on the website for only five months before it was launched.

  • Use of Shopware 6 feature Shopping Experiences

    Caseys Furniture uses the Shopping Experiences feature to create the content pages in the online store.

Caseys Furniture: Quality and Style since 1921

Caseys Furniture was established in 1921 by John Casey. In the aftermath of the burning of Cork, which decimated a large part of the city, the company supplied furniture to the local residents.

Today, the third generation of the Casey family - Peter and David Casey - continue to run the business, providing high-quality products and services throughout Ireland. Caseys Furniture launched their ecommerce website in 2015, offering nationwide delivery to new and existing customers. In the online store, customers find high-quality products for their homes with a personal and stylish touch. Interior enthusiasts can effortlessly browse through various categories such as sofas, bedroom, living, dining and many more. In 2020, Caseys Furniture’s Limerick store was awarded the Interiors Store of the Year at the Irish Retail Excellence Awards.

Caseys Furniture and Shopware

After using Magento 1 for ten years, Caseys Furniture was looking for a new and sophisticated ecommerce solution – this is when they discovered Shopware 5. Caseys Furniture decided to build their ecommerce business on the future-oriented shop system, Shopware 6. Thanks to the simple migration options of Shopware 6, the migration from Magento 1 to Shopware went smoothly.

To quote David Casey, Director Sales of Caseys Furniture: “Shopware 5 really impressed us, and we decided to go with Shopware 6 to future-proof the business.”

The advantages of Shopware

Creating a modern online store to expand their ecommerce business was Caseys Furniture’s main goal for using Shopware 6. And the state-of-the-art ecommerce solution helped them do just that. The vibrant website with its beautiful visuals has never been easier to navigate. Changes to product and content pages can easily be made if and when needed. The online store now also has a live product feed, as well as a click and collect option for customers.

The silver lining during lockdown

The global pandemic affected big and small businesses worldwide. But Caseys Furniture implemented Shopware 6 just before the country went into national lockdown and they were therefore able to meet the soaring demands for home interiors. Instead of losing business, Caseys Furniture experienced a huge 200 % increase in their conversion rates online. Revenue also soared by 60 % during the first year. And aside from that, new users went up by 16.38 %. Although they didn’t see an increase in the shopping cart value due to the premium price point of many of the company’s products, they did experience a growth in order numbers.


Going forward

Caseys Furniture had some challenges when they started with Shopware 6, which was still in its beta phase during that time. Back then the software didn’t have many of the features it offers now. However, Casey’s Furniture is now very content with the performance of Shopware 6. Currently, they implement the Shopware 6 extension Custom Products to be able to display heavily customisable products, like sofas, in a user friendly way.

“With each new release update, the software became better and more sophisticated to arrive where we are today – a great-looking online store with fantastic functionalities that are very responsive”.

Caseys Furniture continues to develop and improve their online store with Shopware 6. By offering effortless digital shopping experiences to their customers, the company inspires them to create and design uniquely stylish homes.

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