Feelgood migrates from Magento

Key facts:

Shopware version


  • Food supplements


Feelgood is an online shop that specialises in selling nutritional supplements made from natural ingredients. The company was founded in Spain in 2003 and is now located in the logistics hotspot Venlo in the Netherlands.


  • B2B and B2C shop
  • 200 items across 5 categories
  • Feelgood distributes its products in the DACH region
  • In addition to its online shop, Feelgood also sells its products on external sales channels such as Amazon, real, Douglas and eBay
  • The Feelgood online shop is characterised above all by its performance, sophisticated brand shops and the option to coordinate a customer's purchases across all sales channels
  • The company uses its website and social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest as content channels

Technical features

  • Service providers for PIM, DAM, MAM, ERP and fulfilment: Emarsys, SAP, Magnalister, Mollie, EDM, Helpdesk
  • Newsletter marketing tool: Emarsys
  • Multichannel/omnichannel interfaces: Magnalister

Feelgood: Home of natural food supplements

The Feelgood Shop, founded in Spain in 2003, sells high-quality food supplements based on natural ingredients. As the shop began to grow, Feelgood had to move to Krefeld on the Lower Rhine and eventually to its current home in Venlo in the Netherlands. 


Now, the company employs more than 30 professional staff members who have a broad knowledge and decades of experience in the field of nutritional science. They use this expertise not only for the production of high-quality food supplements, but also for customer advice. To achieve this end, Feelgood runs a section on their website called "TIPS & ADVICE". They also regularly post content on major social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

In addition to their competent team, Feelgood's unique selling points include their commitment to using natural and pure raw materials. On top of this, the company has set themselves the strictest quality criteria. They contribute to protecting our environment by using recyclable packaging materials. 

Feelgood is also known for giving back to its customers. They offer voucher codes and special offer packages that allow customers to save on their purchases. Shipping is also free of charge if the recipient of the goods lives in Germany or Austria. For those who order before 2pm on weekdays, next day delivery is also available. If there are any queries about the products or shipping, a telephone consultation and service hotline is offered in the online shop.


Content & commerce: in the blog on the new online shop, customers can read informative advice articles.

The challenge

Feelgood previously used the Magento shop system for its online shop. However, as support for Magento 1 was coming to an end, Feelgood decided to look for a more suitable alternative. The company wanted a system that offered more than just excellent support. They also needed the system to be easy to maintain and have modern functions that satisfied their needs for the shop.

Shopware 6 as a solution

This is where Shopware 6 came into play. The low-maintenance system has an API-first architecture and state-of-the-art technology. These features enabled Feelgood to easily connect all sales channels via one system – from Amazon to real, Douglas to eBay. The Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences were also used as the basis for the development of the frictionless and visually appealing brand shop. This shop has maintained an appealing minimalist design, with colourful and vibrant images adding more relaxed touches. Top sellers and new arrivals are prominently integrated as product sliders on the start page. For customers who want to get more information before making a purchase, there is a tips & advice section with content-rich blog articles on various health and wellness topics.

Conclusion: fast implementation, exemplary cooperation and an attractive & efficient online shop

Thanks to the competent Shopware partner agency intoCommerce, the project was implemented faster than expected. Despite the complexity of the project, the online shop went live after only 4 months - and the first orders that followed soon after the launch were processed smoothly.


Nam Vo, Head of IT at Feelgood, expressed satisfaction with the performance of their partner agency: "We are very happy that we were able to meet the timeline of 4 months. This is a tight time considering our complex system landscape."

In addition, Nam Vo also praised the support of intoCommerce throughout the project: 

"intoCommerce had already proven to be a competent partner in our initial consultations. We immediately noticed that they have Shopware expertise. In addition, we have a personal contact here who has always advised and supported us in the project. We are very happy about the cooperation."

The success of the ecommerce project was also reflected in the KPIs. After the introduction of Shopware 6, Feelgood has already been able to record a 50 percent increase in conversions. In addition, the creation of content pages became easier and faster for the shop employees. This saving in both time and effort is reflected in the daily work routine and ensures more efficiency and satisfaction for the company in the long term. All in all, the relaunch was more than worth it.

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