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G. Wurm GmbH + Co. KG is a second generation wholesaler


  • Interior design/gifts


  • 7,000 active items in approximately 100 categories

Technical features

  • Minimum order surcharge and minimum order value at checkout
  • Connection to the company’s proprietary
  • existing merchandise management system
  • EU-compliant VAT declaration for EU delivery countries for address without VAT ID

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Migration from Magento to Shopware 6

    With Shopware 6, a future-oriented ecommerce platform was found that ideally supports the digital transformation - now and in the future.

  • Implementation: 9 months

    In cooperation with the Shopware partner Pixolith, the project went almost smoothly.

  • Use of the Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences

    The online shop subpages were implemented with the Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences, which are particularly characterised by their user-friendliness in content maintenance.

G. Wurm has been an internationally operating wholesaler, foreign trader, and importer of decorative and gift items as well as home accessories for almost 60 years. Shopware Gold partner, pixolith, newly set up the B2B store with Shopware 6 for this second-generation family business and at the same time migrated it from Magento to Shopware 6.

Why Shopware 6?

In selecting a new e-commerce solution, Wurm felt it was important that the new platform would be able to handle digitalisation challenges now and in the future. With Shopware 6’s headless approach and the agility and flexibility that comes with it, the requirements for a B2B shopping experience 3.0 could be met. “We found a partner in Shopware 6 that optimally supports us in our digital transformation,” said Managing Director Thomas Wurm.

Reach your goal quickly with an ideal user experience and the Shopware Shopping Experience

Good usability and user experience were also essential requirements for the relaunch. With a product variety of 7,000 items and many different subject categories, it is essential that customers quickly find their desired product selection. The focus of the implementation was the high-quality presentation of G. Wurm’s large product range as well as direct entry paths by means of a structured main navigation and intuitive product filters.

The online shop subpages were implemented with the Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences, which are particularly characterised by their user-friendliness in content maintenance.


Classic B2B functions

The G. Wurm online shop is exclusively accessible to business customers, thus the classic B2B features such as displaying prices after login or registering with VAT ID with automatic validation for correctness had to be included. In order to avoid it being impossible to register at this point, registration by uploading a trade license as a PDF was additionally enabled.

A minimum order value and a minimum order quantity, which are individually dependent on the product, as well as a minimum quantity surcharge have also been implemented.

Making comprehensive service visible

G. Wurm attaches great importance to direct, fast and personal contact with its customers. The priority, therefore, was to make the comprehensive service which Wurm offers its customers visible and to integrate simple contact options, even for customers who prefer to pick up the phone and do not want to fill out an extensive form. The various contact options are therefore very present at all important positions in the shop: on the homepage as a teaser, on every product detail page, as well as in the header and footer.

Connection to ERP WinLine for a smooth process

Another focus of the implementation was the linking of the online shop with the WinLine merchandise management system. The aim of the connection was to ensure the smoothest possible retrieval of orders and customers, as well as the import of backorders and stocks, images, invoice documents, tracking numbers, categories and items. This was successfully implemented in the course of the project.

Transition from old to new

Immediately after going live, existing customers were informed of a necessary password reset via cronjob notification emails. Customers with multiple sub-accounts were thus automatically assigned to the correct branch as the main account. The transition from the “old” to the new shop could thus be guaranteed without delays.

Smooth cooperation with Shopware partner, pixolith

The G. Wurm shop was implemented by Shopware solution partner pixolith. “We are really pleased with the way the project is going in general. Our partner agency did a great job and we were able to deliver an altogether clean project thanks to clear structures, tight organisation, and a well-planned schedule,” said Managing Director Thomas Wurm, commenting on the positive results.

For the future, Wurm, together with pixolith, has planned further developments in UX design. Cross-selling offers or features, such as Shop-the-Look, are also high on G. Wurm’s bucket list.

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