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Gravado is an ecommerce store that sells personalised decorations


  • B2C
  • 850 items across 85 categories
  • Gravado distributes its products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • In addition to its own online store Gravado also sells its products on external marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay
  • Customers can customise different products by adding dates names and text

Technical features

  • Personalisation solution: a configuration tool developed by Gravado's agency Solution 360
  • Monitoring tool: Google Analytics
  • Hosting scenario: the all-in-one database is housed on a dedicated server together with Apache

Gravado: the partner for individual gift ideas

"As unique as the life of the person receiving the gift" – that is Gravado's core business value. The online store with company headquarters in Hanover is known for its engravings and pyrography. Not only do they offer high-quality personalised gifts, they also allow their customers to personalise products for their loved ones. For example, customers can add names, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, text and even geographical coordinates to the products. Onlineshop-Gravado

The challenges

Since Gravado's customers are involved in customising the products, they needed a store system to make this process user-friendly. So usability was the top priority here to improve the shopping experience. Gravado also wanted a platform that was easily scalable, maintainable and had greater longevity.

Shopware 6 as a solution

To overcome the challenges mentioned above, Gravado opted for Shopware 6. The state-of-the-art store system enabled them to implement a very modern and simple design so that customers could find their desired products more efficiently. In addition, Gravado developed a unique extension with the help of the Shopware Solution Partner Solution 360. It's equipped with a drop-down menu that allows products to be customised easily. Names, dates and other information can also be entered in the app and then engraved on the product.

However, the user interface is not the only thing that has changed at Gravado. With the extensive functions of Shopware 6, they were also able to save time in their daily work. The handling of the store has been streamlined and there's a range of automation options for simplifying processes. Many store settings can now also be made by the marketing team or solved by the extensions. This saves Gravado a lot of IT resources. Connecting external systems has also become more accessible and more flexible with Shopware. Gravado can now easily design or write new data without needing much assistance from IT.


Further advantages of Shopware 6

After the introduction of Shopware 6, Gravado's sales and conversions skyrocketed. Sales and conversions increased by at least 35% and 20% respectively. On mobile devices, they saw at least 45% more sales and 28% more conversions. Visibility on desktop and mobile platforms also increased by at least 50%.

Gravado's key figures for its AT and CH stores in particular have really improved. This's because managing their international branches is now even easier with Shopware. The store in Switzerland, for example, was able to increase its sales by 140%. In general, the average basket value also increased by around 14%.

Gravado is very pleased with all these positive developments: "We learned a lot in the first Shopware project and have since used all this experience to launch another store with Shopware 6. We're very happy to be using a store system like Shopware 6."

Looking ahead

In the future, Gravado plans to optimise its personalisation app further. This includes the integration of new features such as delivery time predictions and information about free shipping. In addition, there will be an engraving preview for customers for a better user experience. Gravado also plans to implement tags for dynamic product groups and category sorting to improve navigation on the website. And since they're satisfied with the results of the Shopware project, they're planning to convert their other stores to the system as well.

Gravado wins the Shop Usability Award

Due to its simple design, user-friendliness and customisation options, the online store for unique engraved gifts won the Shop Usability 2021 award in the category "Accessories, Gifts & Lifestyle".
gravado-Sieger_Shop Usability_Award2021

Gravado receives the Shop Usability Award.

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