Hagemeyer goes live in record time

Key facts:

Shopware version


  • Fashion and lifestyle


The leading fashion house in East Westphalia for more than 140 years (founded 1879)


  • B2C shop
  • Over 100,000 items
  • more than 350,000 versions and 500 categories

Technical features

  • Use of Navision and Fashion Cloud as service providers
  • Multi-channel interface directly from Navision enables product sales on external platforms
  • Google Analytics as a monitoring tool

Department store doors closed during lockdown – the online shop with Shopware 6 comes into its own

The major fashion store Hagemeyer has been around for 140 years. It started out in the textile trade, and over five generations it has developed into one of the largest retail companies in private ownership. The coronavirus pandemic has presented the company with a completely new challenge, as is the case for so many businesses. COO Martin Heinzmann looks back and recalls almost forgotten times: economic miracles and summer sales, where crowds of customers streamed through the doors of the fashion store to get hold of sought-after bargains. This is in stark contrast to the lockdown situation during the coronavirus pandemic, which forces department stores to keep their doors closed, even when demand is still great. In the video interview, Martin Heinzmann explains how the ecommerce project was initiated with Shopware 6 and best it, and the lessons he has learnt from the coronavirus pandemic.

„How do we serve our customers when the doors are closed?”
Martin Heinzmann, COO Hagemeyer

An online shop in just 18 working days

Hagemeyer Mode is the leading fashion house in East Westphalia and it operates branches in Minden, Stadthagen and Bad Oeynhausen. The fashion house originally opted to expand its online strategy to be able to offer an exclusive online platform to its VIP customers, numbering around 90,000. However, as the coronavirus pandemic meant that the fashion house had to close its doors, it made sense to elevate the digitalisation project to a new level. In cooperation with best it, an online shop was implemented in just 18 working days. This ensured that customers could continue to shop at Hagemeyer during the lockdown.

Planning ahead: with its online shop, the Hagemeyer fashion house was ideally prepared for the second lockdown

The online shop went live on 8 May 2020. At this time, the coronavirus restrictions were already being eased again in Germany. Nevertheless, it was important for the managers to make the business future-proof. In June 2020, Hagemeyer announced that the project was also being tackled with a view to another lockdown in the autumn. It became clear in the meantime how important this decision was in the long-term for the expansion of the digitalisation strategy. For the second lockdown did indeed occur. And consumers realised that they could also shop conveniently and smoothly from home.

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