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The Herzog & Loibner jewellery store was founded in Liechtenstein in 2013 by Bianca Herzog and Susanne Loibner

Since founding Herzog & Loibner in 2013, Susanne Loibner and Bianca Herzog have paid special attention to the presentation of their jewellery, always highlighting their pieces in a personal, relaxed and impressive interior design setting. The golden house in the middle of Vaduz, Liechtenstein has now established itself as a centre for fine jewellery. With the new online shop based on Shopware, the family business places no less emphasis on providing a luxury shopping experience online. Up until recently, Herzog Loibner focussed on producing custom pieces of jewellery on request. With the new online shop, the goal was to give the customer the opportunity to configure their own pieces online; a goal that inevitably depends on having complete freedom to design pieces of jewellery, down to the last detail.

Design your own individual pieces

In the first step, it was necessary to develop a concept that was both user-friendly and flexible enough to design the pieces of jewellery. When it came to the implementation, Herzog Loibner brought Shopware Technology Partner XIONI on board. In addition to the technical implementation of the online shop and development of the design, XIONI used the software X-Config CIM and provided a script for the visual representation. Herzog & Loibner can thus adjust each product and variant for the online shop live, maintain prices and respond to price fluctuations. The visitor first selects their jewel from 50 coloured gemstones; from there they can configure the size and diamond setting. The selection made in the configurator is visualised by X-CONFIG as a live preview image. The preview image is composed of several single images with the help of a script. A preliminary filtering is takes place in the configurator. The default setting shows the current bestsellers of the shop.


The smart category listing

With Shopware, products can be filtered according to their listing properties. This allows customers to display all products in the respective category.XIONI X-Config CIM goes one step further here. In the smart listing, "from" prices are no longer displayed, but rather the "filters" set the configuration in motion, so the customers have an amazing shopping experience and selection from all available jewellery.


Because of the live connection to the Shopware shop, the configuration on the detail page plays in a manner familiar to the customer from eCommerce, so that the highest possible usability is guaranteed despite the complexity of the products. Images and product text change with configuration, preventing duplicate content and optimising SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The shop database is not burdened by requests because the configurations are played via the X-CONFIG Cloud. So the shop is very fast despite high complexity and many preconfigured products. Furthermore, all items can be saved in the customer account.