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Juniper Jack belongs to Independent Spirit Dresden GmbH


  • Spirits


  • B2C shop
  • Eight premium gin varieties and two cross-selling products in four categories
  • Only markets its products in Germany
  • owning to export and tariff restrictions
  • Juniper Jack offers cocktail catering with its mobile bar
  • Uses an omnichannel strategy involving Instagram
  • newsletters and blogs to draw potential customers to its range
  • The company’s products are available via its own e-commerce store and also on external marketplaces such as Amazon and Ankorstore
  • The website features attractive ideas for gin-based concoctions
  • along with fascinating insights into the history of Juniper Jack

Technical features

  • Monitoring-Tools: Google Analytics
  • Additional gateways such as Fulfillment and DHL via JTL Connecto

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Emotional storytelling

    Shopware has enabled Juniper Jack to create a lavish, emotionally appealing showcase for its brand and to combine storytelling elements with product presentation. This has increased brand awareness both online and a...

  • State-of-the-art technology

    Shopware 6’s API first approach has allowed the company to automate business processes, and this has resulted in major time savings for staff involved in day-to-day operations in the shop.

  • Reliable partner agencies

    The partnership between Shopware Gold Partner WEBneo and Juniper Jack proved extremely successful. The company commended the partner agency, describing it as highly professional, reliable and trustworthy.

  • Implementation time: six months

    It took just six months for the new Juniper Jack online store to go live – an astonishing achievement, considering that the project was implemented in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Higher visibility

    Shopware optimized the online store for mobile users. Since then, the website’s SISTRIX Visibility Index score has improved 150 %.

  • Increased sales

    Since the implementation of Shopware, Juniper Jack’s online sales have increased 34%.

  • Use of Shopware 6’s Shopping Experiences

    The Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6 has made design work more intuitive and manageable for Juniper Jack.

Juniper Jack: a classic London dry gin with a singular taste

The Juniper Jack online store is managed by Independent Spirit Dresden GmbH. Jörg Fiedler founded the company in 2013 with the aim of developing a classic London dry gin with a powerful juniper taste. He named his gin after Jack Juniper, the 1736 pseudonym of a distiller’s apprentice turned poet who lived in eighteenth-century London. 

Juniper Jack is manufactured using some of the most aromatic juniper varieties around, specially sourced in Croatia – for an intensive aroma and complex taste.

The challenge

As Juniper Jack continued to grow, the company recognized that what was needed was a complete overhaul of its digital infrastructure. The team wanted to ditch their old, non-converting online store and move to a more modern platform. They also needed secure, automated processes in the background so that they could invest more time in quality and customer relations. Above all, however, they wanted to humanize their brand by telling the story behind their product and publishing recipes for gin-based drinks. This is where Shopware 6 came into play.

A new home for Juniper Jack


The move to Shopware 6 changed Juniper Jack’s world. Now the online store has a strong technological basis on which it can continue to build going forward. The platform allows seamless integration of interfaces to the merchandise management system. This meant the company could fully automate its day-to-day processes, saving employees a lot of time. Where sales are concerned, Juniper Jack’s online sales have risen significantly since the implementation of Shopware. In addition, the company now regularly receives several daily orders, which was not the case with the old website.

Ultimately, Shopware’s Storytelling feature is the key factor behind Juniper Jack’s success. It allows the team to present their brand to website visitors in a lavish and emotionally appealing format. This has led to a significant increase in brand awareness, not only online but also among offline customers in the catering and hotel industries. Mobile optimization through the use of Shopware 6 resulted in an impressive 150 % improvement in the brand’s SISTRIX Visibility Index score.

Juniper Jack’s founder and director, Jörg Fiedler was certainly happy with the results: “By moving to Shopware, we have laid a solid foundation for Juniper Jack’s ongoing growth. Our delectable gin has finally found a proper home in our new online store.”


WEBneo: a highly professional Shopware partner

Juniper Jack was very satisfied with the work of Shopware Gold Partner WEBneo. The project was implemented during the toughest phase of the coronavirus pandemic. But thanks to the excellent, trust-based collaboration between the two, the new website was up and running in just six months. Juniper Jack singled out WEBneo’s reliability, particularly regarding fixing bugs or dealing with questions.

“The WEBneo team implemented everything exactly as we wanted it. The result is a creative online store that succeeds in conveying our story on an emotional level and shows visitors what our gin is all about. Cheers!” 

Plenty of plans for the future

This year still has plenty to offer for the Juniper Jack online store. The company is planning to expand its range from ten to 20 individual products by the end of the year. The team is also aiming to expand the online content with more delicious gin-based recipes. 

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