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Company is the ecommerce shop with the largest range of E.S.E Pods (Easy Serving Espresso) in Switzerland. It is part of the owner-managed, independent company ASPON GmbH, based in Felsberg, Graubünden, Switzerland.


  • Coffee


  • B2C shop
  • 427 items across 35 categories
  • distributes its products in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • The company is not only known for its wide range of products, it is also considered the specialist for E.S.E. pods
  • Sales take place exclusively though the online shop
  • The online shop offers two levels of discounts once the basket value for coffee-only products reaches 200 and 300 Swiss francs respectively
  • The shop has a customised product filter, a selection page for free pods for every CHF 20 worth of goods and 480 icons specially developed for this shop
  • In addition, the website has a customised homepage news box header and a wide range of articles about the core product

Technical features

    Benefits of Shopware:

    • Increased sales

      After the introduction of Shopware, sales increased by around 10%.

    • Increase in conversions

      Desktop conversions went up slightly, while conversions on mobile devices increased by at least 20%.

    • Migration to Shopware

      The previous store system xt:Commerce was replaced by Shopware 5.

    • Competent partner agencies

      Working with XeroGrafiX was very enjoyable. All the people involved in the project worked together passionately and enthusiastically..

    • Duration of implementation: 12 months

      The website was successfully launched after 12 months. The many customisations and the involvement of external partners, such as the extensive development of icon designs, played a significant role ... The experts for E.S.E pods in Switzerlandz is considered the E.S.E pods specialist in Switzerland. The store has more than 90 different types of coffee from 21 premium roasters. This makes the online store the largest seller of E.S.E. pods in the country. E.S.E pods (Easy Serving Espresso) are individual portions of ground coffee and filter paper. Each pod contains 7 grams of high-quality coffee from trusted and independent roasters. The pods are also very environmentally friendly and compostable. In addition to E.S.E. pods, the store also offers compatible coffee machines and accessories.

    The growth of is impressive. The company was founded in 2010. From 2010 to 2013, they ran the official coffee bar at the SWISS STARTUP AWARDS in Stage One, Zurich. In addition, was a Suzuki Switzerland cooperation partner from 2015 to 2016. From then on, the company continued to grow.

    In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the company was the official coffee bar operator at Switzerland's largest sustainable food market: The Slow Food Market Zurich. Here it served high-quality coffee to between 12,000 and 15,000 guests. For its 10th anniversary, the company planned a complete overhaul of its website.

    Daniel Jenal, Managing Director of, said at the project launch: “We want an elegant homepage with a highly customised store and a clear focus on the core product on all pages, complemented by a knowledge section about E.S.E. Pods. The implementation is an important step forward for us in a growing market that represents the future of portioned coffee in Switzerland.”

    The use of Shopware

    With the company's steady growth, decided to invest in a future-proof and modern ecommerce system. Daniel Jenal, Managing Director of, explains the decision to use Shopware as follows:

    “Shopware is based in German-speaking countries, which makes support much easier. They also have an excellent image in Switzerland and were the clear favourite of our web agency XeroGrafiX. The Shopware store with its many extensions also convinced us.

    Thanks to Shopware, was able to customise many visual and technical aspects of the website. All their necessary requirements were successfully implemented. The website now has a primarily individualised category structure with so-called coffee families. All available packaging variants for the same coffee variety, such as the “Ferrari - Ristretto” family, are combined here. In addition, the following changes were implemented:

    • Customised product detail pages
    • Individualised product filter for “PODS IN PACKAGES” and “INDIVIDUAL PODS”
    • Selection page for free pods: Here, customers can add one pod of their choice free of charge to their shopping basket for every 20 francs worth of goods
    • 480 custom icons in multiple pixel-perfect sizes, ensuring that the detailed graphics don’t become blurred, especially when downscaling
    • Sticky sidebar on the right border featuring the “Golden Pod” allows direct access to the core product range from every page
    • Two different levels of discounts are applied automatically: For coffee-product-only shopping basket values of 200 and 300 Swiss francs, respectively
    • KNOWLEDGE articles in the form of an individualised blog tool including integration in the Mega Menu
    • Three different landing pages as part of the homepage: PRIVATE, OFFICE, CATERING
    • An individualised homepage news box header

    At all levels of the website, attaches great importance to aesthetics and the flawless presentation of all elements.

    Daniel Jenal, Managing Director of, is satisfied with Shopware: “We never felt confined. We were able to do everything we needed.”

    Case Study

    Further advantages of Shopware

    The endless customisation options aren’t the only advantage Shopware brought to After implementing Shopware, the company's sales increased by around 10%. Desktop conversions increased slightly, while mobile conversions increased by at least 20%. In addition, the average basket value also grew by 4%.

    Shopware also saves the company's employees a lot of time in their daily work. The system has helped the company to create its own delivery notes and invoice documents. These were then expanded to include the function of automatically generating Swiss QR payment slips. The payment slips are automatically printed on their reverse side if it’s a “purchase on account”. Thanks to this extension, can now work in duplex printing. This not only saves time, but also physical resources.

    In addition to saving time and resources, Shopware makes customer care more efficient. All required data can now be managed directly in the system. This includes addresses, contact details, orders and payments. The data is also linked, making it easier to find and update information.

    All these changes were successfully implemented thanks to the close cooperation between and Shopware partner XeroGrafiX. According to the two companies, the project tasks were well structured and communication was sincere, open and transparent. Although the project was demanding, all the people involved were always motivated and worked passionately and enthusiastically.

    The outlook is very satisfied with the project results: “Today we’re happy about what we have achieved. We’re getting a lot of praise from our long-standing coffee customers. What’s more, we at and the agency XeroGrafiX always had the Shop Usability Award in mind. Which has now become a reality and a reward for what we’ve achieved.”

    And although plans for the future haven’t yet been officially released, one thing is certain: will convert its system to Shopware 6. In fact, they're already in the design phase of the project. wins the Shop Usability Award

    The coffee pod specialist impressed with its new online presence at the Shop Usability Award 2021, winning two categories. In addition to the award in the category “Food & Drink”, the company also won “Best Shop in Switzerland” prize. Usability_Award2021

    Thomas Frierss, CEO XeroGrafiX received the Shop Usability Award 2021 for

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