Keimling Naturkost increases conversions

Key facts:

Shopware version


  • Food and kitchen appliances


Keimling Naturkost GmbH is Europe’s leading supplier of raw and vegan food


  • B2C and B2B
  • Focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Sales exclusively via own online shop and Idealo

Technical features

  • Use of Microtech ERP-complete
  • Interface to Wagner IT Hard- and Software
  • Implementation duration: 7 months

Keimling Naturkost GmbH has been a leading supplier of raw and vegan food for over 36 years. In addition to high-quality organic produce, such as dried fruits, nuts, dietary supplements and basic skin care products, the focus is on high-quality kitchen appliances which enhance a healthy diet even further. These include blenders, juicers, dehydrators, water filters and a large number of kitchen aids. The products are sold to end customers exclusively online through the company’s own online shop and on external marketplaces.

In 2020, they migrated completely from Magento 1 to Shopware 6 with the assistance of our Platinum partner Portaltech Reply.


Why the raw food pioneer relies on Shopware

Keimling is a pioneer in the raw food sector and has contributed to many innovations in this niche area in the European region. In order to remain an innovation driver in the future, Keimling needed a shop system which is innovative and well-equipped for the future of digital commerce.

The company sells its products in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), which is why it was necessary for the shop system to be well positioned both legally and with regard to content.

A vegan and raw food diet is not just about the right products. A certain lifestyle and attitude to life go hand in hand with it too. It is important that the shop conveys this feeling as well. Visitors should be taken on a journey through the product worlds, whilst discovering recipes, tips, tricks, and interesting information about different diets and foodstuffs.

With Shopware 6’s experience worlds, it was possible to give the products the right focus and encourage visitors to browse.

According to Daniel Scholtyssek, Senior E-Commerce Manager at Keimling, Shopware has also impressed people with its user-friendliness: “Compared to Shopware 5, the experience worlds in Shopware 6 are easier to set up and configure. The fully responsive approach, in particular, is a big advantage. The optimal customer journey can quickly be achieved by simply inserting sections and individual content.”


Significant improvement in the customer journey

One main objective of the migration to Shopware 6 was to increase the conversation rate in connection with customers spending longer on the site. Initial successes have already been seen: The relaunch increased the conversion rate by 40%. The decrease in the bounce rate, which fell from 62% to 38%, is particularly remarkable.

Another success is the increase in male visitors. Previously, 66% of users were female and 34% male. After the relaunch, this ratio has become more balanced, with the proportion of male users now at 42%. These figures show a significant improvement in the customer journey and customer acquisition.


The right decision for Keimling

Thanks to the migration from Magento to Shopware 6, a significant improvement in the customer journey and usability has been noticed. The initial KPIs speak for themselves—they are significantly higher than those of the shop system that was used before.

Excellent collaboration and communication on the part of everyone involved meant that challenges were quickly overcome.

Keimling Naturkost GmbH is convinced that they found the right shop system in Shopware 6 in order to remain innovative on the market for raw food and vegan diets in the future: “We are delighted that we took the step of migration. We’d like to thank all the partners involved and we look forward to a successful future.”

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