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      For the modern and stylish woman - This is Marc Aurel

      What started as a collection of women’s trousers in 1972 has since grown into an internationally successful company with a loyal customer base of sporty, confident and modern women all over the world.


      In the new online shop, Marc Aurel relies on a number of Shopware’s integrated marketing features to immerse their customers in fashion stories and styles. With Digital Publishing, the marketing team can flexibly create banners directly from the administration. Understanding that their target group loves to browse and get inspired by fashion trends, in the near future company plans on using Storytelling to frame their latest collections around content and inspire their customers with new style ideas.

      "We want to take advantage of the flexibility of the software and add more exclusive options for our customers in the future," says Johannes Diehl, eCommerce Shop Management B2B/B2C at Marc Aurel.

      This can already be seen in their custom “Shop the Look” feature – a collection of the various ways their pieces can be combined. With each complete “look” having its own individual landing page, the customer can add pieces to their shopping cart in just a few clicks.


      Sales increased 50% in the first month

      After launching the new online shop in January 2019, the company was able to report that sales had increased 50% by the following month. "Going into the project, our aim was to increase sales and win new customers and markets with a system that could be easily expanded. Our expectations have been absolutely fulfilled with Shopware," continues Johannes Diehl.

      The ambitious relaunch was completed within 6 months by long-standing certified Shopware Enterprise Partner best it GmbH & Co. KG. In the course of the implementation, the award-winning agency analysed the interface connections and project challenges and determined the best way to bring them together in one system landscape. “To cooperation between all parties was outstanding in every regard,” Diehl summarises.

      This is also prominently reflected in the numbers: after relaunching with Shopware, not only did sales increase by 50%, but their website traffic doubled.

      Better usability and more control

      In the course of selecting the right eCommerce platform for their project, the company put usability at the top of their requirements.

      “Although adopting a new eCommerce solution requires a bit of learning, the most important effect is that we can now design, create and solve so many aspects internally,” summarises Johannes Diehl. With 130 employees, it is important that every department can easily work with the software in order to further develop the brand.

      Sights set to the future

      Love of fashion has high season 365 days a year, and so does the development and strengthening of the brand Marc Aurel. Moving forward, the company plans on “expansion in all directions” – a vision that encompasses internationalisation, platforms and marketplaces, online marketing, analyses and the automation and digitalisation of internal processes.

      The company roadmap also includes expanding partnerships in stationary retail, supporting them with concepts to increase customer frequency and the sales ratio. In addition, the visibility of the point of sale is to be increased through a store finder in the shop. Now with more flexibility in the front and backend, Marc Aurel is equipped to manage a bolder brand statement online, now and in the future.

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