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Roberto Collina continues to grow in Italy

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Founded in 1953, the Italian brand Roberto Collina specializes in luxury knitwear. The company combines innovation, quality craftsmanship and sustainability - firmly establishing itself in the fashion world.

Roberto Collina: An esteemed legacy in Italian fashion for six decades

Established in 1953 as a quaint knitting operation, Roberto Collina has evolved into a beacon of high-quality knitwear in Italy, carving a niche for itself in the luxury fashion sector. Known for its meticulous selection of premium yarns, the brand’s offerings are celebrated for their unparalleled softness and enduring quality. Roberto Collina is synonymous with attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship, where each design embodies luxury, timeless elegance, sophistication, and a modern flair.

In its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Roberto Collina champions the use of eco-friendly materials and insists on collaborating with suppliers dedicated to fair labor practices. Furthering its contribution to the fashion industry, the company has pioneered the "Creative Knitwear Design" master's program. This unique academic offering, accredited by the prestigious Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome, stands as the world's sole program dedicated to fostering innovation and expertise in knitwear design.

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The transition challenge

  • With the conclusion of its partnership with a previous provider, Roberto Collina encountered the imperative need to migrate to a cutting-edge platform. The search was on for an ecommerce system adept at:

  • Streamlining online sales management, catalog updates, and order processing for efficiency and ease

  • Facilitating the operation of multiple online storefronts across diverse currencies to cater to a global audience

  • Crafting a powerful online presence that authentically embodies the brand's unique identity and aesthetic

  • Seamlessly integrating a variety of payment solutions to accommodate customer preferences

  • Elevating the brand's digital footprint to optimize user engagement and improve the overall shopping experience

  • Fortifying privacy and data security protocols to safeguard customer information

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Roberto Collina 2.0: A new era for the fashion website

Leveraging Shopware 6, Roberto Collina experienced a transformational leap in ecommerce efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The platform’s API-driven architecture facilitated a seamless transition to headless ecommerce, a model that segregates the frontend presentation from the backend functionality. This innovation enabled the brand to refine its website's user experience and incorporate services from third-party providers without compromising its elegant design ethos.

Shopware's capabilities extend to meticulous country-specific store management, empowering Roberto Collina’s team to tailor user experiences. Sales personnel harness plugins to dissect consumer behaviors and spearhead targeted marketing initiatives directly. Meanwhile, customers revel in an enhanced navigation experience, effortlessly exploring the refined product catalog and search functionalities.

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Crafting a timelessly modern online presence

The successful relaunch has propelled the Roberto Collina shop into a realm of innovation, marrying timeless design with state-of-the-art functionality. This overhaul has not only optimized the site’s usability but also bolstered its SEO rankings and social media footprint. Although future plans remain under wraps, Roberto Collina's adoption of Shopware 6 lays a robust foundation for the brand's digital trajectory, promising a blend of tradition and innovation for its online storefront.

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