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SPORTALM is a company based in the Austrian Alps

“Originality, sensuality, joie de vivre” - that’s SPORTALM Kitzbühel

Based in Kitzbühel, Austria, SPORTALM is known for combining alpine tradition with high-quality fashion in unique collections that range from sportswear and everyday apparel to playful costume designs. After nearly 70 years on the market, SPORTALM has garnered a reputation as one of Austria’s most famous fashion retailers. The company, with a total turnover of 60 million Euros, operates 35 retail locations and has a network of 1,400 dealers selling their products in 22 countries. Today, SPORTALM relies on Shopware as an eCommerce solution for their new online shop.

SPORTALM was looking for a way to incorporate the characteristic product presentation from known from their stationary stores into their digital sales strategy; the highest priority ultimately being the customer and providing them with a unified experience across online and offline channels.

That is why the company decided to relaunch their online shop. “Shopware was our clear first choice; the standard version of the software already includes many essential features and offers excellent usability,” according to Florian Weidinger, Head of eCommerce.

For the implementation of the online shop, SPORTALM turned to experience Shopware partner dasistweb; an award-winning agency that now represents an important pillar in SPORTALM’s digitalisation strategy. “We were looking for an agency that could completely take over the configuration of the shop and support us with any technical or design issues. We found our ideal sparring partner with dasistweb,” Weidinger explains. Close communication contributed to the brief project turnaround of only seven months.

In the new online shop, visitors are welcomed with a clean design that highlights the unique character of their product range. “Our SPORTALM brand and products move into focus with our new online shop and are now given their true flair, quality and attention to detail on a digital level,” Weidinger is pleased to report. Visitors dive into an inspiring shopping experience across multiple devices, enjoying maximum usability and performance.


International focus

For the international launch, SPORTALM was able to create a consistent shopping experience across every country market. Using Shopware’s integrated subshop functionality, SPORTALM built individual country shops tailored to the specific local requirements of Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

But this is just the beginning - SPORTALM has a network of 1,400 affiliated dealers selling their products in 22 countries. In the future, they plan on developing their international strategy in order to tap into the economic potential of their global customer base. When it comes to expanding their reach, Shopware will be instrumental in helping the company scale internationally.

The company values “originality, sensuality, joie de vivre” and history are presented vividly by SPORTALM using the Shopping Worlds’ Storytelling feature. Visitors are taken on a transparent journey through the development of the brand and into the modern office headquarters, which have been designed following Feng Shui principles. “The creation of editorial content was significantly motivated thanks to Storytelling. The design is quick and easy to implement, without any programming skills”, Weidinger explains.


Offline processes also optimised

Not only the visitors of the SPORTALM online shop benefit from its new appearance. The SPORTALM team is also enjoying many streamlined processes. This includes, for example, fully automated activation and deactivation of products. Furthermore, processes of product data maintenance and creation of content pages have been significantly simplified.

“By making merely minor adjustments, we were able to expand our online shop into an important sales channel with Shopware,” Weidinger summarises the relaunch. And as SPORTALM has made it its duty in fashion to always strive for perfection in function and design, this claim is also visible in the online shop. Even beyond the relaunch, SPORTALM is continuing to work with dasistweb on further enhancing the shopping experience for its customers.