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In the beginning of 2015, Shopware conducted a survey with over 900 shop owners. The number one trend was responsive design; a trend whose benefit can most definitely be seen in the new Shopware Enterprise Store, T-Shirt Total. After going live, the...


    Technical features

      In the beginning of 2015, Shopware conducted a survey with over 900 shop owners. The number one trend was responsive design; a trend whose benefit can most definitely be seen in the new Shopware Enterprise Store, T-Shirt Total. After going live, the shop saw a 40% increase in sales from mobile devices. But there was a long path to reach this success. After numerous, time-consuming experiments with other shop systems, only Shopware was able to help the growing company achieve the presentation they envisioned.“Shopware's responsive template is worth gold,” said Philip Neuber, who took over the company TST T-Shirt Total GmbH in 2002 after being run by his father for 25 years. In his shop, customers can find cheeky t-shirts, mugs or bags that are suitable for any occasion. The shop benefits from exceptionally high performance, despite an abundance of over 1,600 individual items and 64,000 variants.

      Finding the perfect shop system

      The brand T-Shirt Total is designated for comical t-shirts, while "Anna & Philip" is designed for a children’s range of clever clothing. After years establishing the two brands in direct sales, the company now successfully operates in the B2B sector. To support their expansion, the company needed to connect with technology that could grow with them. Together with their agent, shoptalente (Shopware Solution Partner), several eCommerce platforms were put to the test; a process which included comparing Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce and Shopware. Needless to say, the team found that Shopware shined amongst the competition.From the onset, the shop owner was looking for a system that could handle an enormous amount of data in the backend and seamlessly connect with their existing ERP system, where a significant portion of data is stored due to the amount of item variants. When all is said and done, Philip Neuber is completely satisfied with how Shopware fulfills these expectations.

      Sales doubled with Shopware

      Along with high usability and functionality for the shop owner, a strong eCommerce platform should also offer a great experience for the customers in the live shop. This is where the Premium Plugins developed by Shopware come into play. The store installed Live Shopping and Bonus Points without a hitch; the result of which have nearly doubled turnover for the growing brand.Another contributing factor includes the responsive template that comes as a standard feature with Shopware 5. Visually, the template has been completely redesigned, however 100% of the original template was able to seamlessly migrate over to the new system. Furthermore, the company feels confident knowing their online shop is based on a platform that allows for easy expansion in the future.

      Expected ROI

      When all was said and done, TST T-Shirt Total GmbH invested a total of 70,000€ in the project relaunch. This investment is expected to return after only two years in operation. The implementation of the project took just 8 months, even considering the project was waiting two months for the final release of Shopware 5.With a Platinum Subscription, the shop owner is well equipped for what the future holds, as they can always rely on the most competent partner for a solution.

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