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A look at Forrester's emerging trends in B2C commerce

Unlock the full potential of your commerce strategy with insights from Forrester's report: The Commerce Solutions For B2C Landscape, Q4 2023

Use this report to:

  • Gain exclusive insights into market maturity and value.

  • Explore the most pertinent use cases for digital commerce.

  • Grasp a comprehensive understanding of the value offered by various providers and what you can expect from each.

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Tapping into tomorrow: Boundless horizons of B2C commerce

Embark on a journey through B2C commerce with Forrester's insights. Learn about the dominance of SaaS solutions, addressing efficiency and flexibility demands. Forrester's report highlights major trends like real-time personalization as well as iterative change and provides a comprehensive overview of vendor differentiations.

As the sector moves from 'big bang' transformations to agile solutions, the report provides valuable insights into vendor approaches. Discover extended use cases that highlight differentiation among notable vendors of digital commerce solutions and learn which of these use cases Shopware reported as top reasons why clients select them.

Stay tuned for a deep dive, unlocking possibilities beyond immediate challenges in B2C commerce.


Jason Nyhus

General Manager US at shopware AG

Trusted by leading B2C brands

Discover the latest Case Studies

MissPompadour boosts visibility

MissPompadour boosts visibility

  • Shop Usability winner
  • Migration from WooCommerce
ARMEDANGELS increases turnover

ARMEDANGELS increases turnover

  • Headless and API-first
  • Conversion rate increases 53 %
BIOMARIS relies on automation

BIOMARIS relies on automation

  • Migration from Magento
  • Increase in turnover and conversions
sehen!wutscher with 100% more turnover

sehen!wutscher with 100% more turnover

  • Use of PWA framework
  • More conversions and higher turnover
0815 optimizes the user experience

0815 optimizes the user experience

  • Multi-channel interfaces
  • Migration from Sana Commerce
STABILO combines content & commerce

STABILO combines content & commerce

  • Migration from Shopware 5
  • Visibility increased by 15 %
Schulrucksack migrates from Shopware 5

Schulrucksack migrates from Shopware 5

  • Facilitation in everyday work
  • live in only 8 months
Juniper Jack creates unique experiences

Juniper Jack creates unique experiences

  • Emotional storytelling
  • Turnover increase by 34 %
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The Commerce Solutions For B2C Landscape, Q4 2023

Stay ahead of the curve and dive into Forrester's report to make informed decisions.

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