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How to expand your Ecommerce business in Europe with Allegro

How to expand your Ecommerce business in Europe with Allegro

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When expanding your business or brand to a new market, there are many uncertainties and costs, especially if your brand is still not well-known in the new market. That is where this app and Allegro can help. First and foremost, Allegro is the largest marketplace of European origin. In fact, it has been on the Polish market for over 21 years and is therefore very well established, not to mention that with the acquisition of the Mall Group in 2022, there is the potential to expand your business in these markets as well in the foreseeable future.


One thing to consider is that in 2021 German exports to Poland amounted to approximately 84 billion euros compared to 78 billion euros in 2020, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, which shows that there are strong trading ties between the two countries.

To succeed in Poland, it should be taken into account that ecommerce platforms and marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular. That is shown when 75% of Polish consumers buy from domestic online stores compared to 32% from foreign online stores. With that in mind, Allegro is the place to start your sales in Poland. This app is designed to help you grow your ecommerce business in Poland and the CEE region. To be able to do that, the first thing that you would need to do is create a business account on Allegro, which is free of charge. Not only is creating an account free, but the Allegro app for Shopware is also free to download and use. It enables you to list offers, manage sales and orders, and update your stock levels as the key drivers for your cross-border business. A quick, easy and hassle-free entry into selling via Allegro – that was the focus of the app development from the very beginning. For example, you can search for your products by using GTIN (EAN) numbers to post offers. If the products are not listed in the Allegro product database, that’s no problem: you can create a new product and add your own description or upload one from your own source.

Key features of using the Allegro app:

  • Free download and use of the app

  • Easier management of sales, orders and offers

  • Access to over 21 million new buyers

  • Access to the Polish market

  • No mandatory subscription fees

To help you get started, we offer a Welcome Program for new business accounts. Activate it for a commission discount (100% in the first months!), use promotion tools for free, and more. When it comes to fees, you don’t have to worry: There are no listing fees in most categories and also no obligatory subscription fees. Allegro operates based on commission fees which are usually around 5-15%, depending on the category of your products. We also have no fees for using promotion tools.


In order to increase sales and grow faster, join the Allegro SMART! Program:

  • Boosts your sales by attracting customers who want free delivery and buy 2.5 times more often than other customers

  • 5 million current subscribers who saved almost 4 billion PLN

In addition to the Shopware-Allegro app, there are several tools available via the Allegro platform to help you succeed:

  • Sales Quality: a panel with key metrics that we track to determine your rating and visibility

  • Allegro Ads lets you create paid ad campaigns on Allegro, Google, Facebook

  • Allegro Analytics is an official tool that helps you analyze your sales data (also compared to other sellers)

  • Export options you can easily export products to customers outside of Poland by enabling export

  • Deal Zone: a page with the best deals on the platform; we host the most extensive sales campaigns here

If you need additional support in getting started on the platform, we have a team of customer experience specialists available to help.