How to increase revenue and get more out of your marketing euros?

How to increase revenue and get more out of your marketing euros?

With the Custobar CDP and marketing automation app

In the era of big data and the ability to track virtually everything, B2C ecommerce businesses, including ecommerce businesses with physical locations, are faced with several shared challenges:

  • Customer data is scattered across different tools and systems.

  • Customer data is hard to analyze and harder yet to utilize.

  • GDPR and the loss of 3rd party cookies make it impossible – or at least very expensive – to create targeted marketing campaigns and automations.

The Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP) tackles all these challenges – and then some. It also includes an inbuilt marketing automation system, making customer data truly the most valuable asset an ecommerce company can utilize in driving sales.

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Customer (data) is key

The Custobar CDP data knows something that simple demographic data does not: that no two grandmas are the same. Demographic data can tell you that Ruth and Martha are both 83-year-old widowers living in Düsseldorf. However, you need this app's data in order to know which one needs electric guitar strings and who needs a new supply of yarn or baking goods. With this app, you also know the frequency with which to automate these campaigns. Because being a data-driven marketer means feeding people’s passions, not their spam filters. The Custobar CDP collects customer data from all touchpoints creating one unified 360-degree customer view. Customer data is collected in real-time from browsing data, online sales data, sales data from physical stores, mobile app data, and even customer service tickets. This means synchronizing customers, products and product variants, and sales data from Shopware 6 to Custobar once every hour, keeping your data constantly updated. 

When customer data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible, creating targeted multichannel campaigns is a breeze. Products synced from Shopware 6 can be simply dragged and dropped into email campaigns that can be triggered directly from Custobar. 

Campaigns can also be done with SMS, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and CAPI, etc. Audience segments are easily created with the help of the unique and one-of-a-kind RFM matrix, which helps you spot your VIP customers as well as the ones that are not so active, or the ones you are about to lose. In just one glance. 

The Flow feature helps in setting up marketing automations with visual customer journeys, which lets you plan and follow the customer journey, as well as nurture it. And to top it all, you can easily monitor how any campaign performs at a store level. 

To summarize, using the Custobar CDP and marketing automation platform enhances customer experience and, ultimately, results in more/bigger sales. To achieve this, you should create targeted and personalized campaigns based on your customer’s buying and browsing behaviour. Activating passive customers and taking care of your best customers with automation is crucial. During a turbulent market and decrease in consumer spending, getting your sales numbers up and increasing purchase frequency is achieved from your existing customer base. 

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Creating data-driven ROI with no cost to data security

Doing things right using 1st party data and marketing automation:

  • drives generally three times the revenue from targeted campaigns

  • increases revenue typically five times from your emails

  • can reduce the marketing budget by up to 10%

  • is GDPR compliant

Since the customer data in the app is based on 1st party data, it is not dependent on 3rd party cookies. On top of that, Custobar is European-made, and all the servers are situated in Europe. All these facts, as well as continuous development of data protection and data security, make the Custobar CDP data protected and GDPR compliant. The platform is available in English, German, Dutch, French, and Finnish. Setting it up and running with Shopware 6 is just one click away. Is your company or partner ready to create personalized, automated customer journeys that celebrate your brand, wow your customers, and engage them into long-lasting and loyal customer relationships?

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