How to scale your business, increase conversions, and reduce cart abandonment in three easy steps

How to scale your business, increase conversions, and reduce cart abandonment in three easy steps

Add the Amazon Pay extension to help your business move at the speed of Amazon 

As an ecommerce merchant, you constantly have to scale for success. The industry keeps you on your toes. New trends are always emerging as shopping habits change, and exciting innovations routinely transform the digital marketplace. As your business grows, your workflows get more complex, your customer base gets wider, and the market gets more and more competitive. How do you keep up with the latest technology, deliver the best customer experience, and keep your shoppers coming back for more? By streamlining the journey from cart to checkout with Amazon Pay. 

Customers aren’t finishing transactions 

With the global cart abandonment rate at nearly 70%, only three out of 10 shoppers actually buy the things they put in their shopping baskets. 1. But what if you could keep them in your checkout flow and create more conversions? 

Sixty percent of shoppers cite account creation or a long, complicated checkout process as a key reason for cart abandonment. 2. Luckily, you can fix common checkout mistakes and see an average of a 35% increase in conversion rate through better design. 3. This correlates to $260 billion U.S. dollars worth of lost orders across the U.S. and EU that could be recovered by making design changes to optimize checkout flows. 

A 2022 Deloitte study revealed that 93% of consumer businesses surveyed were prioritizing investment in digital transformation. 4. Stand out from the crowd by implementing Amazon Pay, a fast and easy payment solution offering an optimized and secure checkout flow. Take advantage of express checkout to reach more loyal customers, attract new shoppers, and help reduce cart abandonment. 

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What is Amazon Pay? 

Amazon Pay is a payment method used and trusted by millions of shoppers around the world for a fast, seamless, and secure payment process. Shoppers can check out securely with the information already stored in their Amazon account. 

Amazon Pay helps create a frictionless checkout flow that is 49% faster than regular checkouts. 5.An optimized payment process can lead to fewer abandoned baskets and more loyal customers. Plus, it’s simple, easy to use, and secure — protecting your customers from fraud and ensuring their privacy. 

 Benefits of Amazon Pay’s Express Checkout for Shopware 

  • Increase checkout conversion rate: Boost business and decrease cart abandonment with access to Amazon’s global consumers and checkout in as few as three clicks. 

  • Familiar payment method: A recognizable payment process used on thousands of websites around the world. Existing Amazon customers don’t have to create a new account, enter their payment details, or create a new password on your site. 

  • Reduce chargebacks and fraud: Shoppers benefit from the same advanced fraud protection used on 

  • Easy implementation: Integrate the Amazon Pay plugin for Shopware in three simple steps. 

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How to integrate Amazon Pay in just a few steps 

Amazon Pay is easy to integrate into your Shopware account, giving you instant access to Amazon’s global consumer base and a more streamlined checkout flow. Download the plugin, create a merchant account, and integrate Amazon Pay. 

The Amazon Pay plugin is compatible with all Shopware versions, including Shopware 6. Existing merchants can migrate without any issues or concerns. AWS is also the hosting partner of Shopware 6, which ensures an extra layer of reliability and security.  

You’re just a few steps away from offering shoppers the checkout experience they know and trust.  

  1. Download the Amazon Pay plugin: Create a Seller Central account to become an official merchant. Registering for Amazon Pay takes less than five minutes. Sign up with any email address and no contractual commitment. Then log in to our Seller Central merchant portal and finish filling in the information fields. 

  2. Amazon Pay integration: Integration is simple, with resources and support to help you along the way. Add the Amazon Pay button to your store. Complete configuration of our Amazon Pay plugin is possible within an hour. 

  3. Prepare to delight your customers: Let your customers know that you now accept payment through Amazon Pay and instantly start accepting orders. 

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