How to unlock customer behaviours that truly drive growth and engagement

How to unlock customer behaviours that truly drive growth and engagement

Unlock customer behaviours that truly drive growth and engagement 

The game plan for building and marketing a successful online brand has evolved. The days of relying solely on third-party networks to sell products and manage customer relationships are gone. No more relying on outdated strategies like batching and blasting or simply hoping for the best. There is now a new playbook for marketers of all skill levels, providing them with all the tools they need to succeed in today's digital environment. 

The best part about it? You don’t need to start from scratch, waste months integrating, or buy complex, expensive software. Your path to success begins with taking ownership of your data and customer relationships. Klaviyo empowers you to do just that.

Klaviyo is a flexible data model for developers with the tools for marketers.

Klaviyo elevates marketing with seamless data and automation integration

Klaviyo’s unified customer platform offers email and SMS marketing automation and a customer data platform. This allows marketers to access data about the entire customer journey in one platform – not just the bare minimum that most expect, such as a customer’s name, what they ordered, and whether they opened an email or SMS.

With Klaviyo, you can unlock the customer behaviours that truly drive growth and engagement: the last item they browsed, their product preferences, their website behaviour, their predicted lifetime value, and more. Every action, every click, every review, every support ticket, and much more is collected from your tech stack in a matter of seconds and recorded on our platform.

Revolutionize your customer engagement

The data is easily accessible and actionable in real time, enabling marketers to deeply understand customers and deliver personalized experiences across website, email, SMS, and even paid media through Google Ads and Facebook integrations. Easily deliver the perfect message to the right customer at the right time with pre-designed templates for sign-up forms, automation, emails, and texts. Designed with proven best practices, these templates ensure the success of your communication efforts.

With all your data in the same platform as your marketing automation, it’s possible to:

  • Get a bigger picture of how customers interact with your brand

  • Provide a superior customer experience by avoiding overwhelming customers with messages that aren’t relevant to them

  • Stop worrying about data maintenance (less developer work, fewer integrations and APIs to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about data leakage between applications)

All to provide a more cohesive customer journey from start to finish.

I love to see my customers growing their business in new ways once they have the ability to instantly measure, analyse, and improve their marketing revenue in the Klaviyo platform.

Klaviyo: Your all-in-one customer analytics and marketing solution

Over time, Klaviyo’s advanced data analytics even help your team understand what’s working and what’s not – all based on your metrics and performance. Furthermore, with Klaviyo, you will identify trends that help you acquire and retain new customers. All in one intuitive place; no need to start from scratch and no need to rely on third-party marketplaces and ad networks. With Klaviyo, it’s easy to talk to each customer as if you knew them and to grow your business – on your own terms.