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About abilita

abilita is an internationally operating payment service provider for online payment and POS payments with headquarters in Germany. With abilita PAY merchants get an exclusive all-round carefree package along the entire financial value chain. Our individual services range from risk management and fraud prevention in real time to payment processing and receivables management tailored to the individual needs of e-commerce.


abilita PAY - For a fast and secure payment experience

abilita PAY offers optimal solutions for cashless payment transactions. You get access to all relevant payment methods and can integrate them entirely according to your requirements and needs. The powerful payment gateway processes all customer payments reliably and securely across all channels, payment methods and countries. Corresponding transactions can be monitored at any time in the payment dashboard.


abilita PAY - True Omnichannel Payments via just one payment processing platform.

Online, mobile, point-of-sale (POS), email or telephone (MOTO) - abilita PAY offers merchants a complete package via a single payment processing platform. This allows you to accept appropriate customer payments across all channels and devices. Enable your customers to pay according to their needs and preferences: Online in the web shop, mobile on the go or contactless via smartphone or card at the checkout terminal of your shop or restaurant. All payments from the individual channels flow together in the payment dashboard. This gives you the maximum overview of all payment flows in a true omnichannel payment solution.


abilita PAY - Payment Plugin for Shopware 6

With our abilita PAY plugin for Shopware 6, online merchants can conveniently integrate all relevant payment methods into their online shop. Through a single interface you allow your customers a convenient and secure payment experience. Order cancellations in the checkout process can be demonstrably reduced by integrating popular payment methods such as purchase on account, SEPA direct debit or credit card. The measurable increase in your conversion rate provides for rising turnover.