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Automation People A/S


Automation People A/S is an innovative and dedicated company that offers high-quality marketing automation solutions throughout Scandinavia and Germany. As an official ActiveCampaign partner, we specialize in helping businesses send powerful and targeted emails that drive growth.

We are proud to announce our official partnership with Shopware! With our new app, you can seamlessly integrate your webshop with ActiveCampaign, optimizing sales on all levels - from new sales to up-selling and win-backs.


Our technology enables you to better understand your customers and make personalized offers that perfectly match their needs and preferences.


By connecting Shopware with ActiveCampaign, you can create automated email marketing campaigns based on events such as abandoned carts, order confirmations, and up-selling. You can also send personalized emails to customers based on their purchase history and interests.


Moreover, the integration offers a powerful segmentation feature that allows you to segment your customers based on their behavior, preferences, and interests, and send targeted campaigns to them. You can also create sales funnels and conduct A/B tests to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns.


The integration is easy to install and can be used by any Shopware shop. If you need help with the integration or have any questions, our German support team is always available.


In addition, we comply with GDPR (data protection) and our apps are located on servers in Germany to ensure the highest level of data protection.


Contact us today for powerful integration and more growth with Automation People A/S.