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Custobar combines a Customer Data Platform (CDP), a Marketing Automation system, and an in-store CRM into one tool. It is designed to make customer data easy for mid-sized eCommerce and retail.

What makes Custobar unique is the way it merges customer data from all multi-channel touch points, both online and offline. Custobar has many excellent USPs, one of which is the 360-degree customer view that truly shows you everything about your customer - in real time!

Creating dynamic customer segments, and then personalized and targeted campaigns for those segments, is where Custobar shines. Customer data, email marketing, and all campaign statistics are always available for knowing exactly what ROI - in the amount of actual money! - which campaign is bringing, and which web shops and physical stores are doing the best.

The Custobar integration for Shopware is easy to implement for a user-friendly, seamless and comprehensive omnichannel marketing experience. The in-built marketing automation improves customer experience and engagement, but even more importantly for business owners, the bottom line. The KPIs Custobar brings exceeds what could be considered industry standard results at every turn.

Here are some examples of companies that use Custobar:

  • Intersport 

  • Lumas

  • La Mer Cosmetics

  • Lavera

  • The Body Shop

  • Expert

European made, Custobar is fully GDPR compliant. Customer data is powered by 1st party data, instead of the problematic 3rd party cookie data. All in all, the perfect martech for companies looking for growth even when times are a little harder.