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DataWow is a smart BI-supported controlling tool that helps you analyze your store data. The tool shows you all the key figures relevant for e-commerce, which are available to you as a basis for decision-making and can offer you recommendations for action

With DataWow you can:

  • Optimize your contribution margin
  • Control your inventory and article ranges - Optimize your disposition
  • Check campaigns for profitability (interface to Google)
  • Create more transparency in your returns management
  • Create individual reports 
  • Receive automated notifications and take early action (Alert-System) 

Thanks to the modular principle, you decide which special features you want to use and pay for. There are interfaces to Google, Amazon and other marketplaces. You can use the historical inventory to analyze past years and make informed decisions for the future. With Power BI you have the possibility to make strategic and long-term analyses for the alignment of your store through graphical and versatile visualization of your data.