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FINDOLOGIC Shopping Experience Platform


Powerful Shopware Ecosystems with Findologic

Over the years, Shopware has built a global community of technologies. Their network allows e-commerce retailers to deploy state of the art technologies that supercharge performance from beginning to end. Within this Shopware ecosystem, product discovery sits at the epicentre. Connecting shoppers with products that are relevant to them is arguably the most integral part of ecommerce because if a shopper can’t find it, they can’t buy it. By creating a Findologic plugin that acts as an API, Shopware is able to connect it’s users with a best-of-breed product discovery Platform. This works by sending requests to Findologic servers and retrieving the information for users. An out of the box solution like this makes gold-standard product discovery easier than ever for Shopware users, achieving an onsite experience comparable with leading online stores that have spent significant time and resources integrating with such software.