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Jon Arne Sæterås

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ImageEngine is a content delivery network (CDN) purpose built to optimize images on the web and in apps. ImageEngine makes sure that images are lean and light weight so that they can be downloaded and displayed to the user as quickly as possible, while still maintaining great visual quality.

ImageEngine is a global CDN built from the ground up. In addition to images, ImageEngine also optimizes other static content such as JavaScript and CSS.

ImageEngine is the only CDN wich can optimize images specifically to mobile devices and browsers. Using patented technology, ImageEngine will optimize images according to the device and browser's capabilities such as screen size, image format support, colour depth, screen resolution, network quality and more. 

ImageEngine will help you with:

  • Automatic support for next-gen image formats like WEBP and AVIF
  • Perfectly sized images automatically
  • Plug and play integration with existing Shopware site
  • Faster loading times and improved Core Web Vitals scores
  • Superior images on mobile devices