JUNUX - unifiying commerce



JUNUX - unifiying commerce


JUNUX is a complete POS system based on Shopware. The system does not simply have interfaces to your Shopware online shop, checkout system and online shop are one! There are no error-prone interfaces between the cash register system and the online shop. A sale in the shop leads to a Shopware order just like an online sale and can also be tracked in the Shopware backend. And of course all GoBD guidelines and legal provisions are observed.

Of course, Shopware ERP is also seamlessly supported.

If you have more in-depth requirements for the integration of a cash register system, we will be happy to help you. In the enterprise area, we offer you:

  • Individual integration into your IT landscape
  • Connection of new hardware according to your needs
  • Expansion of the range of functions
  • Extension of the interfaces

Find out everything else at https://www.junux.de!