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#1 Commerce Experience Platform to increase online revenue 

The world's #1 Commerce Experience Platform helping brands increase online engagement and revenue 


Through our Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) that's designed for ease of use, Nosto empowers retailers to build, launch, and optimize personalized commerce experiences without the need for dedicated developer resources or a lengthy implementation process. As a result, leading commerce brands in over 100 countries use Nosto to grow their business and delight their customers. 

Commerce Experience Platform Product Offering

  • Personalization Core: Dashboard and Analytics, Catalog Explorer and Product Insights, A/B Testing and Optimization, Segmentation and Behavioral Insights, Out-Of-The-Box Integrations, Core Machine Learning Predictive Algorithms

  • Modules: Onsite-Search, Product Recommendations, Category Merchandising, Content Personalization, Pop-Ups, Dynamic Bundles, Email Personalization, Visual User-Generated Content


With Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform, you can:

  • Deliver dynamic, relevant, and authentic shopping experiences quickly and easily. Our intuitive interface and robust roster of out-of-the-box integrations make it so that you don't need a developer to deliver personalized experiences to each shopper who comes to your online store.


  • Stay one step ahead of your shoppers. Our unique approach to keeping both product and shopper data updated in real-time means each customer’s experience is truly personalized. Say goodbye to irrelevant images, copy, and product impressions that can hurt your brand image and sales.


  • Guide customers at every turn. Our platform leverages the power of personalization, merchandising and visual UGC in more onsite interactions than any other platform. From complete category merchandising to automated product bundles, the opportunities to create valuable experiences are endless.


  • For those with a traditional Shopware store setup, we have easy-to-use placements for implementing personalized product recommendations and content. Those with headless or custom storefront setups can use our Session API to leverage our personalization capabilities in their custom setup.