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Product information

Nosto analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points across your store in real-time, to help you go beyond the numbers and see the individual. Designed for ease of use, Nosto enables marketers to build, launch and optimize powerful 1:1 multi-channel marketing campaigns without the need for dedicated IT resources. Nosto’s patented technology combines proprietary algorithms and big data analytics to automatically predict the best products and offers for each individual customer based on a moment-by-moment analysis of their unique user behavior. This increases both CLV and online revenue!

We are proud to be trusted by thousands of retailers from 100+ countries worldwide.


  • Onsite Product Recommendations

  • Onsite Pop-ups

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Personalized Emails


A Nosto services account is required and additional fees may apply.
Monthly plans have no set up costs and start from as little as $99 + 0.5% of online sales for merchants selling less than $1,000,000 per year. Pay only $99 per product if your online sales do not exceed $20,000 per month.
Our products are quick and easy to get up and running all your own.

For more information:

  • Learn about our pricing here: www.nosto.com/pricing
  • Learn about our plans for smaller merchants here: https://help.nosto.com/billing-faq/introduction-to-incubator-plan.

If you your online sales exceed $1,000,000 per year and you need additional assistance, please contact our ecommerce specialist here: https://www.nosto.com/request-demo

They will advice you on the best pricing plan for your business.

What makes Nosto unique?

  • The Power of Nosto

    • Big Data: Nosto collects every interaction that your shoppers have with your products and then analyzes that data for our machine learning algorithms. Our algorithms and data analysis have been trained solely on ecommerce-specific data (including more than $10 billion in revenue transactions) and targets revenue optimization.

  • Machine Learning (AI): Nosto’s proprietary algorithms put the right products in front of the right shoppers at the right times for individually recognized shoppers as well as for anonymous first-time shoppers using our crowd-logic data.

  • Ecosystem Relationships

    • Nosto is commerce platform agnostic and has premier partnerships with the top names. On top of the platforms, Nosto has out-of-the-box integrations with marketing agencies and software services from various sectors.

  • Rapid Deployment and Go-To-Market

    • We use our patented javascript and HTML tagging to connect to your store in just minutes, bypassing any back-end integration.

    • A real-time data exchange is set up between your store and our Cloud.

    • We build an exact replica of your product catalog and the profiles of every shopper who interacts with it.

    • Built-in wizards and setup assistants offer quick campaign launches and go-lives.

  • Account Management and Retail Expertise

    • By understanding your goals and targets, human intelligence can customize and optimize the AI to achieve true revenue optimization.

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