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About OMQ

Die OMQ GmbH is Shopware Technology Partner. OMQ is a AI-powered software for customer service and support. The AI answers customer service requests in real-time. About 100 companies, for example, DB, Globetrotter and Galeria Kaufhof already benefit from the support products. All OMQ products are available in 32 languages.

More information about ushttps://www.omq.ai/

Our Products

OMQ Contact (Shopware extension available)

OMQ Contactanswers customer questions immediately on your contact page.

OMQ Help

OMQ Helphelps your customer to find the right solution automatically on your help page

OMQ Assist

OMQ Assistassistend your customer service agent by solving request in your ticket system.

OMQ Reply

OMQ Replyautomatically solve customer requests in your inbox and send them out.


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