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Pushly - Your Shopware shop as an app!

Your shop as an iOS & Android app. Use push notifications to increase brand loyalty among your customers, offer them a fast and effortless shopping experience, and boost your revenue.

Customize the look and feel

With Pushly, you can easily personalize your app and differentiate your business from the competition. Customize the look and feel and integrate your logo and colors into the app to create a consistent brand image. This way, you always keep your personality and brand in mind.

Increase your revenue with push notifications!

Push notifications are an extremely effective marketing tool that has proven to be more effective than newsletters. With Pushly, you can send timed notifications and alert your customers to promotions to encourage them to make purchases. By setting up real-time banners on your homepage without app updates, you'll also stay up to date. Our app has been implemented by UI/UX experts to provide a significantly better shopping experience than a mobile website. With app technology, Pushly scores with fast loading times, optimized usability (e.g. without cookie banners), and a seamless, intuitive user experience.

Why Pushly?

Developing your own app is time-consuming and expensive. However, with Pushly, you don't have to worry about technical aspects. We take care of the development, maintenance, and delivery of your app to the app stores and ensure that it is always up to date. This way, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the technical aspects.

Our experience as shop owners has shown us that an app is an essential tool for success in e-commerce. Mobile sessions have skyrocketed in recent years, but mobile users often convert worse than desktop users. However, since we started using Pushly, we have seen significantly better KPIs and can enjoy mobile traffic. With app technology, Pushly scores with fast loading times, optimized usability, and a seamless, intuitive user experience.

Discover the benefits of Pushly now and increase your revenue in e-commerce!