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Dynamic Retargeting With We Convert Visitors to Buyers

Dynamic Retargeting from your Shopware Backend: Effortlessly convert visitors into buyers even if they already left your webshop and increase your conversion rate from an average of 3 to 12 percent. 

The app for Shopware will never let you run inefficient and time-consuming ad campaigns for your shop products again. Instead, completely automatically designed, product-based advertising materials as well as self-learning algorithms to optimize campaigns do most of the work. This allows you to advertise like the big guys, without spending a lot of money on performance marketing agencies.

  • Automated creation of dynamic ad banners: You don’t have to design your display ads by yourself - generates appealing ads automatically based on your shop products.

  • Optimal use of the daily budget: You determine your daily ad budget in the Shopware backend and makes sure it’s being used cost-efficiently. 


  • Campaign optimization based on Artificial Intelligence: Self-learning algorithms optimize the delivery of your ads. For example: Mainly visitors who have just left your store are targeted.

  • Simple integration of the retargeting pixel: the app takes care of the technical aspects for you and places the retargeting pixel independently on all relevant pages of your webshop.

  • Metered retargeting ads: Only webshop visitors, who haven’t bought anything from you are going to be seeing ad banners on external websites. We pay close attention to not overdo it and not flood your potential clients with too many ads.

  • Ad distribution to up to 30 ad networks: Of course, ads are played on the Google display network. Additionally, can connect you to 30 more ad networks. This lets you reach 85% of all ad locations in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as well as 85% of ad spaces on english sites. 

  • Realtime statistics in the webshop backend: Live statistics in the Shopware backend allow you to watch over your ad budget as well as your visitors’ behavior. You can clearly follow how efficiently our self-learning algorithm places ads.

The app lets you easily operate dynamic retargeting and increase sales in your webshop up to 12 %. Additionally, you have a positive influence on how your shop and its products are performing with a target group who has already shown interest. That’s how you will sell again and even more.

By the way: The app is GDPR-ready (DSGVO) and fully integrates into your Shopware webshop. You also get personalized customer service which will support you to get the most out of your ad budget!

You can now test dynamic retargeting with the app for free for 30 days. And to get you off to an even better start, we gift you an ad budget of 30 EUR*.


* Your 30 EUR ad budget will expire if you don’t use it within the first 30 days