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The platform for customer-centric brands 

 Customers share their preferences, needs, and wants every time they interact with your brand.  

 Centralize your customer data and decisioning workflows in one single platform!  

 Increase Retention 

 Get all the analyses & tools you need to sustainably improve LTV. 

  •  Identify the key customer segments that drive your business 
  •  Learn what your ideal customer looks like and find similar ones 
  •  Trigger more repeat purchases and increase LTV 

 Fight Churn 

 Find out who is predicted to churn when, and determine what might make them stay. 

  •  Identify customers at risk of churning early on 
  •  Incentivize them to come back by creating personalized experiences 
  •  Increase the percentage of customers recovered and win back crucial LTV 

 Reduce Costs 

 Identify unnecessary costs and optimize the contribution margin of each and every order. 

  •  Identify and take action on customers and products with high return rates 
  •  Eliminate discount codes that are overused by bargain hunters 
  •  Optimize your free shipping threshold 

 Maximize Sell-Through 

 Improve sell-through, margins and identify products that lead to maximum LTV. 

  •  Find out which products attract the most loyal customers 
  •  Identify products that customers buy again and again 
  •  Increase AOVs through smart up- and cross-selling 

 Optimize Customer Acquisition 

 Find out which channels and campaigns your marketing budget is well invested in.  

  •  Get the LTV of every campaign and channel 
  •  Create powerful lookalike audiences based on your best customers 
  •  Increase your LTV:CAC ratio 

 Automate Your Workflows 

 Integrate RetentionX into the stack of tools you rely on. No more copy-paste in excel. 

  •  Set up email flows based on your customers’ behavior 
  •  Deliver world-class customer service by providing your teams with all insights 
  •  Push real-time audiences to your ad channels