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Boost Ecommerce Revenue by 20% Using Omnichannel Personalisation


Powered by machine-learning technology, Segmentify tracks and targets individual website visitors according to their unique online buying habits better than any personalisation platform on the market. Don’t take our word for it - Forbes mentioned us as one of the top machine learning companies to watch! 


Imagine a tool that already knew your customer's preferences before they landed on your site, and was able to recommend the right products to the right customer at the right time. Segmentify creates a personalised shopping experience across every customer touchpoint in real-time, giving you the best advantage over your competition. We help ecommerce brands improve online conversions 2.6% higher than any other solution thanks to out-of-this-world algorithms.


 20% average revenue increase  9X average ROI


 Easy onboarding process  Excellent customer success

Segmentify Solutions


●      Boost Conversions with Product Recommendations

Make personalised product recommendations tailored to your customer's interests and their unique buying behaviour using world-class machine-learning technology.


●      Increase Customer Engagement with Personalised Search

Optimise keyword search by tailoring search results according to your customers' specific interests


●      Reduce Abandoned Carts with Personalised Emails

Retarget customers at the point of interest with personalised emails and recommend products according to their browsing history on your online store.


●      Increase Average Order Value with Personalised Push Notifications

Reach thousands of customers and retarget them across multiple platforms using simple yet effective messages with personalised push notifications.


●      Immediately Identify Product Trends with Real-Time Analytics

Monitor product performance in real-time to identify which products are not selling so you can allocate more attention to on products that are trending.


●      Make Data-Driven Decisions with In-Depth Segmentation

Keep your customers around for longer with personalised segmentation. Track customer behaviour and make data-driven decisions for your omnichannel marketing campaigns.