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Sendcloud is Europe’s number 1 shipping tool for e-commerce. We provide an all-in-one solution that helps to optimise your whole shipping workflow. Save time and focus on what matters most: growing your online business. Over 10.000 online stores are using Sendcloud, join the revolution today!

Checkout: Increase conversion by offering multiple shipping methods

Research has shown that more than 66% of all consumers leave the checkout process due to a lack of shipping options. By connecting your Shopware store to Sendcloud, you instantly connect to all the major carriers in the market, allowing you to offer all possible shipping methods in your checkout. With our location picker, your customers can decide to what service point their package should be delivered.

Connect: Save time processing orders 3 times faster

After you have connected your Shopware shop, you can convert your orders to shipping labels and print all labels in literally just one click. If there is any question about an order, you can find the answer in just a few seconds, thanks to our shipping dashboard with an advanced search function. That is how you can save precious time and grow your online business.Insure: reliable and affordable insurance for your packages

Insure: reliable and affordable insurance for your packages

Easily insure your packages against damage and loss with our carrier independent insurance. You can insure up to €2500 per shipment. When your package gets lost or damaged, we will let you know within the week when the settlement will be payed.

Notify: Get engaged customers with automatic tracking and delivery updates.

Inform your customers proactively about the whereabouts of their order. Not only send a mail when you ship the package but keep your customer informed during the whole shipping process. Sendcloud automatically sends out tracking notifications to your customers at any preferred moment. We even detect the language it needs to be send in. Easily change the layout, style and text of the notifications yourself, with our user-friendly editor.

Returns: Offer a great returns experience for loyal customers

The returns process of your Shopware store is key in getting (loyal) customers. With your customized return portal you can manage returns fully automated. Your customer simply fills in the details of the order and the return label will be created. All without bothering your customer service. With the Sendcloud return-tracking overview you know exactly when and where a return shipment arrives.

  • Checkout: Increase conversion by offering multiple shipping methods.
  • Picking: pick orders up to 7 times faster.
  • Shipping: automate your shipping process.
  • Notify: Automatically send Branded Tracking Notifications.
  • Returns: Automate your returns process.