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Unzer (payolution)


About Unzer

Unzer is a fast growing, innovative and modular platform for international payment transactions. Companies of all sizes and from all sectors rely on the data-driven, secure and perfectly tailored solutions to help them drive growth - whether online, mobile or at the point of sale. The modules, which are easy to integrate, cover the entire spectrum of payment management: from processing of various payment types, through automated analytics of customer behaviour and requirements, all the way up to integrative risk management.

Well-established products, such as purchasing on invoice, payment by installments (online, at the POS and through a call center), monthly invoices and direct debits, make it possible for retailers to increase the conversion rate and thereby their revenues. A key feature of this is the white label approach, in which the entire operational processing is carried out on behalf of the partner, but the customer sees the familiar design of the merchant.