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Regaining Lost Customersuptain offers intelligent solutions for the recovery of Shopping Cart Abandoners for online shops - also for mobile devices. The uptain plugin is integrated into the website and automatically determines Shopping Cart Abandonments as well as the corresponding reasons for Abandonment. Based on the determined data, the uptain® ALGORITHM generates a personalized service message or a personalized dialog window for each cancellation in order to win back the customer. By permanently handling several million data points and taking into account a variety of factors, the regain rate is maximized continuously.

The uptain plugin has been downloaded about 300 times in the Shopware Community Store


  • uptain-Activationdisplays automated and personalized dialog windows to Shopping Cart Abandoners right before they are leaving the website which supports your customers' purchasing processes, thus preventing customers from leaving your online shop without buying.

  • uptain-Mails automatically sends personalized service emails to customers who have put something into their shopping cart but could not successfully complete their purchase. Relevant content motivates to continue the purchasing process.

Easy integration in three steps only

  • Plugin: For established shop systems we provide powerful plugins. Alternatively, uptain can be embedded in your shop with one line of HTML-Code or a Tag-Manager.

  • Configuration: In our user-friendly backend you can easily adapt uptain to your shop. We are happy to assist you with our know-how in the individual configuration.

  • Fine Tuning: You have got control about which type of content is displayed, which sales approach is used (for example personally, businesslike, informally and formally) and which audience will be addressed.