Masterclass: The Modern TCO for Ecommerce

A tactical guide to compare platforms in cost to acquire, run and scale. In this Masterclass, Ben Marks, Director Global Market Development at Shopware, and Darin Lynch, Founder and CEO, Irish Titan will discuss the true cost of ecommerce platforms. Learn how to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of any project, know the costs to run, manage and scale, and make fully informed decisions.

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Ben Marks

Director Global Market Development

shopware US

Darin Lynch

Darin Lynch

Founder and CEO

Irish Titan

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💡Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)   Cost to acquire + cost to run + cost to scale = TCO "Don't bet against yourself!" Avoiding vendor lock-ins  

🛠️ TCO as a decision making tool   A (very!) brief history of ecommerce pricing models How to use TCO when evaluating the true cost of any software project  

✍️ Establishing a TCO foundation  Often overlooked costs: people and salaries, updates and upgrades, scaling your business and payment processing fees

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