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Would you like to organise your own Shopware Meetup in your region or virtually? On this page you will find all information about the services Shopware offers to support you. You can also get an overview of the requirements that you as an organiser should meet. Simply contact our team to arrange a date for your Shopware Meetup!

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Meetup guidelines

We want to make every Meetup a special experience for both organisers and visitors. In order to ensure this, there are some guidelines that provide the framework for a successful event.

In essence: Be friendly and open. Meetups are not commercial. Participation is always encouraged!

  • Check iconA Meetup is organised for the benefit of the community - private or business interests are in the background. What we do as organisers should be of value for the community.
  • Check iconEveryone can participate, regardless of previous experience, education, economic/financial background or other criteria.
  • Check iconMeetups are organised by volunteers. Presentations are also given voluntarily and free of charge. Speakers and organisers do not receive any remuneration. For on-site Meetups (small) cost contributions should only be collected from participants if they are absolutely necessary to cover e.g. room costs.
  • Check iconAnyone is welcome to assume organisational tasks. Participation of any kind is expressly desired; new ideas are very welcome.
  • Check iconAt Shopware Meetups there is a welcome culture for everyone who is willing to accept and promote an environment free from hatred, violence, discrimination or other inconsiderate behaviour.

Support from Shopware

Landing page

Every Shopware Meetup is highlighted within a designated listing on our website. This includes a detailed page with a description of the planned content, a link to the organiser's website and the registration for participants. For on-site meetups we also list the location, for digital meetups participants receive the link to the virtual Meetup upon registration.


For every Meetup, a standalone newsletter will be sent to an eligible local group of recipients around four weeks prior to the event, provided we have been notified of a final programme. In addition, all Meetups will be grouped together and listed in the regular newsletters.

Shopware personnel

Whenever possible, a Shopware employee will participate in a Shopware Meetup to provide first-hand knowledge and support.


When you create a Facebook event for your Shopware Meetup, we're happy to act as your co-host and share the event on our Facebook page.


On request we can lend you a rollup or posters, stickers, brochures, pens, notepads and other marketing materials.

Central registration of participants

For an on-site Meetup we will set up the registration for your event. Using your own account, you can retrieve and evaluate the registration data for your Shopware Meetup at any time. For a digital Meetup we create a Zoom meeting room for you. We will gladly send you the login data for your Shopware Meetup at any time on request.

Meetup guidelines

We want to make every Meetup a special experience for organisers and visitors. In order to ensure this, there are some community guidelines that provide the framework for a successful event.

Requirements for organisers of Shopware Meetups

Creating a program

Every Meetup is structured around a topic or theme. Define a topic in advance for your Shopware Meetup and find two qualified speakers. Without a fixed programme featuring two impulse presentations, we will not be able to promote your event.

Promoting the meetup

We ask that you actively promote the Meetup on your channels in order to achieve the maximum possible visibility.

Providing informational material

After the Meetup - and in consultation with the speakers - participants should receive information and material about the held slots so that they can benefit from the content at a later date. The organiser is responsible for arranging and distributing this material.


The community approach is the main focus. A maximum of 6-8 Meetups can be held annually per location. If there are requests from several organisers, a mutual solution should be found to organise the Meetup in cooperation.


Location, technology, speakers, etc. for an on-site Meetup will be organised by the organiser independently.

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