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5 tips on how to make the best of the summer slump

5 tips on how to make the best of the summer slump

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Temperatures are climbing and your customers are eager to spend their free time in the sun on holiday or at home in the garden. Online shopping? Not really at the top of their priorities during the summertime. Nevertheless, these months are enormously valuable for your online shop. With the following five tips you can ensure stable sales throughout the warmer summer months.

1. “Out with the old, in with the new”

Both shelf warmers and new assortments are perfectly positioned for creating attractive offers – and often times in combination with one another. One very practical way of selling old stock while promoting new products is through creating bundle offers.

Here Shopware customer Bio-Zentrale combines ingredients to cook oriental cuisine and offers a 5- 10% discount when purchasing them through their bundle offer.


2. Inspire your customers with Storytelling

Are you sure that your customers can easily imagine what your products are like live in action? Offer them a bit of inspiration and help them visualize how the product benefits their everyday life! Create descriptive lookbooks or tell a story about your products and their creation. This is a powerful way to deliver memorable sales and marketing content - and remember by nature, original content leads to more organic traffic.

Shopware shop Ames is a beautiful example of how retailers can effortlessly frame their products in content through storytelling. Within one view, they display high-quality product images, text about the significance of their bici bicyle in Columbian culture, and a colorful video of the product in action.


3. Create added value

Customers love it when you provide them with added value - whether it's through general knowledge, recipes or practical tips. This makes it as easy as possible for your customers to come to an informed decision about your products. Additionally, added value not only ensures that you stand out from the competition, but also offers a good opportunity to cross-link to thematically suitable products in your shop.

Taking a page from the “show, don’t tell” principle, deliberately highlighthow your products can make your customers’ summer more enjoyable. Here Paul Hewitt inspires their customers with an “Essence of summer” category in their online shop, where the customer can browse watches, bracelets and jewelry that are perfectly suited for the warmer seasons.


4. Be prepared for peak phases

‘The calm before the storm’ says is all – with popular retail seasons quickly approaching, now is the opportune time to prepare your shop for events such as Black Friday or the holidays. Tips on how to prepare especially for Black Friday can be found here.

5. Set yourself apart from others!

Last but not least, you should always be open for new ideas! Be courageous, leave the established paths and set yourself apart from your competitors. This makes you all the more successful and helps your customers build a memorable connection with your brand.

Here Salewa shows with convincing social proof how others in the “Salewa Community” have already benefited from their products by showcasing their adventures in a gallery. This perfectly aligns with their customer’s emotional motivators, which are driven by feeling a sense of well-being, belonging and adventure.




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