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Accel Open100 – Shopware one of the most significant open source solutions

 Accel Open100 – Shopware one of the most significant open source solutions

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Accel rates Shopware as one of the most significant open source ecommerce platforms in its Open100 collection. The American venture capital company Accel is a long-term investor in the open source sector. With the launch of the Open100, a list of the fastest-growing start-ups in ecommerce, Accel aims to advance the adoption of open source software in new markets. Accel is convinced: "Open source software thrives when large, stable companies are behind it."

Shopware in the Accel Open100

Venture capital firm Accel included Shopware in its Open100 collection in 2020 as one of the fastest-growing start-ups of significance in open source. It was not long ago that it was inconceivable that large and highly successful companies could be built with open source at their core. We at Shopware are proud to have recognised the opportunities of an open source strategy early on. 



Extract of the Accel Open100 list 

Accel, as a long-term investor in this area, has picked the fastest-growing start-ups of significance in the open source sector for the Open100. This importance is measured by the growth of the community, the economic development and the innovative approaches to promote the introduction of open source software in new markets. Andrei Brasoveanu, a partner at Accel, says: "Once considered a marginal way of developing software, open source software is increasingly becoming a dominant product approach and business model. In this way, it can become a crucial catalyst for the global growth of European software."

Shopware's open source philosophy

At Shopware, we believe that closed systems can no longer succeed in today's information-based world. In our opinion, the future of IT lies in collaboration. That is why we are convinced that the best ecommerce solutions can only be developed in constant dialogue with the people who use them every day. For these reasons, we have made a clear commitment to the open source approach. Our community is our greatest strength, so we would like to thank our ever-growing community for the fact that we were named one of the most respected open source ecommerce platforms.

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