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AREA-NET and its success story with Shopware cloud

AREA-NET and its success story with Shopware cloud

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With Shopware's new blog post series "Shopware partner cloud success stories", we want to present you with exciting cases from the everyday business of various Shopware agencies and offer you exclusive insights into the project implementation of our diverse partner agencies. In this and the following success stories, you will find out why the Shopware cloud not only impresses our Shopware partners, but also their customers.  

We are confident that Shopware cloud is the perfect solution for the ecommerce of the future, giving you the opportunity to unleash your growth. So don't miss the following cases and make sure you join our agencies in their exciting project implementation. Get inspired and find motivation with Shopware cloud’s numerous features.  

The challenges of the project 

Many young entrepreneurs turn to our partner agencies every day with their individual business ideas, wishes and goals. The demands on a shop system are usually very different and young companies often have limited resources, so it is not always easy to offer a one-size-fits-all solution.  

Our partner agency AREA-NET has also identified this problem. Until now, our partner agency has relied on Shopware's on-premises software and has now reached the limits of feasibility with the next project and the requirements of the young company:  

"[…] we would certainly not have been able to serve the customer as an on-premise solution. That wouldn't have made sense for them or for us." - Markus Schmid, Managing Director of AREA-NET. 


So far, AREA-Net has implemented numerous customer projects based on self-hosted platforms.

In this success story, you can find out how AREA-NET was able to overcome this challenge in the best possible way. First, we would like to introduce you to the case in more detail. Who is AREA-NET and which project was implemented by the agency?  

Shopware's partner agency AREA-NET 

AREA-NET has been a Shopware Business Partner for many years and is based in the district of Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg. With Shopware 5, the agency has already been able to implement some highly individualised shops in the B2C sector and, above all, in the B2B sector. Implementing projects in both five-figure and six-figure ranges is part and parcel of the agency's daily business. In addition, AREA-NET sees great growth potential in Shopware 6 and, accordingly, has recently become Shopware 6 ready.  

The diverse requirements of the project for AREA-NET  

The AREA-NET client whose project is the subject of this success story is a small company that offers special food and nutritional supplements for horses as a sideline and thus primarily addresses the end customer.  

It was important for the client to be offered both a professional and also cost-effective online shop. The quick and easy set-up of the shop system was a decisive criterion in the planning of the project. An optimal all-round package for a quick start in the ecommerce business was the goal of the project. The entire hosting as well as maintenance and software updates also needed to be included. In addition, a shop system was needed that could be easily adapted to the changing needs of the company.   

Shopware cloud: the ideal solution

AREA-NET relies on Shopware cloud as the optimal ecommerce solution for the young company. Compared to Shopware's self-managed solution, the cloud has the advantage that not only is Shopware's hardware maintained, but the software is also constantly up to date. Updates are installed without any additional work for the user and are available immediately.  

AREA-NET can set up a standard shop for its customers with Shopware cloud for a fixed price of only 1,500 euros. In addition, AREA-NET offers the customer online training and two hours of support at the beginning of the project, so that nothing stands in the way of a direct start with the cloud shop. This all-round package impresses the customer, so that the shop can go live in no time. 

AREA-NET relied on the Shopware cloud for the project with the young company. From a cost-benefit perspective, this was the optimal decision for the client's side business and an excellent choice for the launch.  

The advantages of Shopware cloud for AREA-NET 

The agency's customers benefit from the service that the Shopware cloud offers, and AREA-NET is also impressed by the numerous possibilities of Shopware cloud. The company can continue to rely on a uniform ecosystem – regardless of whether it is self-managed or in the cloud – and so they can fall back on the knowledge they have already acquired.   

In addition, AREA-NET provides its customers with a support contract with telephone advice, which intensifies customer loyalty. Because the cloud solution adapts to the respective project size, AREA-NET's customers can grow with the cloud solution and achieve individual goals. In this way, AREA-NET can also benefit from the different expansion stages of the customer's project. In addition, AREA-NET was able to develop a standardised onboarding system in order to retrieve all the relevant data from the customer quickly and easily.   

AREA-NET was also able to achieve important milestones at a technical level. The Shopware partner agency has succeeded in developing several interfaces, such as real-time connection via SData to Sage or connection via OCI Punchout for SAP. The app system plays a special role, especially for the cloud variant, which is why AREA-NET took the bold choice of making an initial start by publishing an app theme free of charge and was thus able to develop individually as a company. Furthermore, AREA-NET is enthusiastic about the Shopware overall package with the possibilities of the Rule and Flow Builder.  

Choosing the optimal software  

When it comes to choosing the optimal software for customers' online shops, decisions should be made carefully, because the realisation of the project stands and falls with a good framework. The ecommerce business is currently experiencing rapid growth, making it increasingly difficult to choose the optimal shop system. Accordingly, AREA-NET also looked into the ecommerce solution of competitor Shopify. On closer inspection, however, the agency quickly decided that a collaboration between AREA-NET and Shopify would not be a good fit:  

"[…] when we actually looked at it more intensively in a real client project, we quickly discovered Shopify's weak points and real showstoppers. It was clear to us relatively quickly that we would continue to rely completely on Shopware and the Shopware cloud in the future," says Markus Schmid.  

Looking ahead 

AREA-NET will soon release its first free app theme in the Shopware Store and is already looking forward to its own release. With this theme, AREA-NET will also be able to efficiently implement customer projects in the future and react quickly and flexibly to future requirements. The theme will therefore continue to be expanded with each new project. In addition, the new entry-level package is to be accelerated further in terms of marketing this year, and other comprehensive packages and offers are already being planned. 

Conclusion of the project 

The AREA-NET online shop will go live shortly. However, the agency can already look back on the implementation of the project with satisfaction: 

"[…] in summary, we can already say that our first cloud project has been very enjoyable," - says Markus Schmid.  

The cooperation between AREA-NET and Shopware worked smoothly and the agency's expectations of Shopware were met without any problems. In the implementation of this project, AREA-NET has not encountered any challenges that could not be overcome. With Shopware cloud, AREA-NET can now offer its customers attractive entry-level packages into the world of ecommerce and is ultimately very pleased to now also be relying on Shopware cloud. In conclusion, Markus Schmid sums it up:   

"We wouldn't  be able to serve this clientele without Shopware cloud."  


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