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Available now: the App Store in the Shopware Cloud

Available now: the App Store in the Shopware Cloud

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We have good news for Shopware Cloud Shop operators and those considering setting up a shop with Shopware Cloud in the near future. The App Store is now available and along with it, new practical extensions for your store!

What is the App Store? 

The App Store provides a list of all available apps that you can integrate into your own shop. No additional programming skills are required. These apps are extensions that add to your shop’s range of features according to your needs. In addition to apps, the store offers themes that you can use to amend your shop design.

Whether App or Theme: The extensions are offered by Shopware directly and also via other producers. It goes without saying that these apps are carefully tested before being released in the App Store.


The App Store is going to be further developed in the future 

The App Store launch is just the beginning. From now on, new extensions are going to be added. Furthermore, the App Store is going to be divided into various category topics such as Trust, Themes, and Marketing. This way, as an App Store user, you will get a better overview of the apps available. 

Access all the apps directly from the administration 

Are you already familiar with the Shopware Community Store and wonder what’s the difference between that and the App Store? The answer: the App Store is part of the Community Store. To be more specific, the App Store is a branch of the Community Store. You can find it directly in the administration of your Cloud Shop (under > Extensions). This way, you can quickly and easily purchase apps and themes for your Cloud Shop directly from the administration. Apps for your Cloud Shop are planned to also become available in the Community Store long-term.  

“We have created a completely new app system optimised for the new cloud solution. This will enable us to bring the Shopware ecosystem into the cloud with thousands of developers and solutions, so that the ecosystem can be gradually expanded to make the full range of features available for the new cloud products as well,” says Shopware CEO Sebastian Hamann. 

What is Shopware Cloud?

Are you still unsure because you’re unfamiliar with the Shopware Cloud? A brief explanation: 

Shopware Cloud is the youngest member of our Shopware product family. This edition is particularly aimed at e-commerce newbies such as start-ups or brick-and-mortar retailers taking their first steps moving towards e-commerce. In principle, however, Shopware Cloud is suited for everyone wanting to implement e-commerce projects quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. That’s because this full service package includes everything you need to take your shop online. What’s more: costs are only incurred once revenue is generated. 

Find out more about this concept in our press release and on our website.

Discover the App Store 

Make up your own mind and have a look at what the App Store has to offer. To do so, log in to the administration of your Cloud Shop. You’ll find the App Store under > Extensions

Don’t have a Cloud Shop yet? Then it’s about time! Get started here free of charge:

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Are you an app developer? 

Upload your initial apps via your account as usual or start developing for the Shopware Cloud. You can find more information to support your app or theme development in our whitepaper ”How to develop Apps”.


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