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Ben Marks, former Magento Lead Evangelist, joins Shopware as Director

Ben Marks, former Magento Lead Evangelist, joins Shopware as Director

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Over the past 20 years, Shopware has consistently broken new grounds: together we have reimagined commerce, brought emotional shopping to any device, designed an ecommerce solution for more flexibility and less complexity, and have, most recently, taken our solutions to the Cloud.

We owe everything we have created and achieved on this journey to our incredible community: The one aspect always has – and will remain – the bedrock of Shopware.

Today we are proud to announce that Ben Marks, former Lead Evangelist at Magento, is now a member of the Shopware team. Watch CEOs Stefan and Sebastian Hamann welcome Ben on board: 

Ben intends to quickly drive expansion of the international sector as Director Global Market Development from his home in the City of Isle of Palms, South Carolina. 

In Ben's own words - his next steps with Shopware

Ben, how would you describe your new role at Shopware?

With Shopware I am continuing my journey in the world of open source commerce, which began when I taught myself PHP in 2003. Shopware and its ecosystem have a tremendous opportunity to address current and future needs of small/medium businesses and the midmarket, which are underserved when it comes to truly customisable commerce. My new leadership role as Director Global Market Development allows me to help drive innovation and engagement by doing what I do best - engaging and connecting people and businesses the world over. 

From a technological perspective, how can Shopware as an ecommerce solution help?

Shopware is an ecommerce solution delivers substantial flexibility with less complexity, and thus deserves a worldwide community of agencies, developers, and merchants in control of their own stories and relationship with their consumers. Merchants deserve to be in full control of the customer experience and of the data used to build those experiences. Nimble, customisation-based platforms have always pushed ecommerce forward. Shopware 6´s Symfony-based architecture is ideal for this.” 

Your change to Shopware happens at a time when the fast-evolving ecommerce industry finds itself at the crossroads and is waiting for the next generation of commerce. What does this future look like? 

How you shop today is very different from a year ago, two years ago, five years ago. The 'discover, shop, buy' journey changes so rapidly - we want to be the ones leading that change, driving innovation - rather than keeping up with or adapting to change. Commerce journeys are increasingly about meeting customers where they are and introducing shoppable moments seamlessly & meaningfully. This doesn't replace the 'classic’ virtual store experience, but it does mean the various sources, channels, and checkout expectations must all be accounted for and innovated for. Platforms must adapt to this reality and drive this change - and Shopware perfectly meets these requirements.” 

Thank you very much, Ben! We are thrilled to welcome you to the Shopware team.

Get in touch with Ben personally via

email: b.marks@shopware.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bhmarks/
Twitter: twitter.com/BenMarks


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